It’s going to be a busy few weeks here.  Today sees the double glaziers here, installing a house-lot of new windows.  It’s been all go since 0900hrs, and the weather has gone well in their favour.  Not that I did any kind of witchy weather prodding or anything….  *fails to look innocent, epic-ally*  I’m sure it will now snow here this coming weekend in response.  Oh well, that should delight Mr U no end, and thoroughly user-test the new windows.  Two birds, one stone moment.

The only major problem thus far has been uncertainty as to when I can zip off to the loo though.  The guys have been systematically working their way around the house, and have been systematically popping in and out to add latches etc to the windows.  And, as all good folks do when they have tradesmen around for a full day of work, they too have access to the loo.
So it’s been an exercise in timing, as well as in breaking a habit.  What habit?  “Home is where you can leave the loo door open!”  Erm…no. Not today.  I’m pretty sure these two nice guys don’t need to be struck blind by my behind.

In about 10 days time we see the advent of the concreters and drainlayers – 18 months after the original assessment of works was done.  Not a bad timeframe in the scheme of earthquake repairs I suppose.  Maybe they finally got the hint that paying $800+ each time we needed to get the drains cleared would be ended by the repairs actually being done?  That’s going to be a week or so of burly blokes haring about with diggers, barrows and concrete mixers, and the poor fellows who have to dig about in the morass that is undoubtedly the ground under the driveway to repair the drains.  I don’t envy them at all.

Then, it’s the solar power panel people.

Yes, we’re going bonkers with tradesmen!