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Yes, yes, I know, I do the numbering thing to death here, but come on, it’s a gimmick and it works – you’re reading aren’t you?  🙂

We’re settled in nicely here in Christchurch now, to the point that the more ridiculous accidents that are befalling Mr U especially seem comical once the initial “OMG are you OK?!” has faded.  Allow me to illustrate:

"Watch out for that.... oh nevermind."

“Watch out for that…. oh nevermind.”

1) Mr U, playing chase with Gandalf (the cat, not the wizard! [but we do suspect said cat might be a Time Lord]), runs slap bang into a tree branch.  Which knocks him out, breaks his glasses and leaves him with an impressive graze over an eye and his brow.  He comes too after a few seconds of enforced snooze to find the cat alternating between leaping on his chest (“Breathe, damn you, BREATHE!”) and nibbling on his fingers (“It’s true!  They do taste like chicken!”). Mr U gallumphs indoors, gets an official “how many fingers, let me see your eye please” check and spends the next week or so enjoying sharing the tale (tail?) with the residents and staff at the facility he works at.

2) Mr U, this time helping load/unload the dishwasher (cat/suspected Time Lord nowhere in sight), rises up and beans himself on the range-hood/extractor unit above the stove.  On the other side of his forehead to the donk mentioned in number 1.  Nice goose-egg forms, no apparent damage other than to his pride and his sense of humour.

3) Mr U, having planted shrubs and strawberry plants in the yard (with feline assistance – Gandalf pulled OUT the strawberry plants – they were in his spot.  Ok, not a Time Lord but Sheldon Cooper in a furry suit. Or OCD animagus with a rather effective time turner?).  He is clearing up and closing the garage door when he manages to pull it down onto the back of his head.  Again, no damage other than to his pride and sense of humour.

All I can draw from these events is:

a) we have a cat who is either Sheldon Cooper, Time Lord or an OCD animagus with a really good time turner.  This will bear further investigation and study.

b) Mr U needs to stop leading with his head. Eventually, after enough knocks, he might manage this?

c) Is Someone-On-High (or Low) trying to give Mr U a message that he’s just not getting?!

Whichever it is, it’s making for fun times here with Misadventures in Middle Earth!  Stay tuned for more as our Journey Goes Ever On!