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Some days I hurry to the other side of the city to answer a phone, others I sit on a chair and play with glue and paper…

It’s been nearly 2 years or more since I blogged about receiving scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies as Yule/Birthday gifts from Mr U, and the last week or so has seen me finally start using them again.  Granted, I did do a few weeks of scrapbooking within the first 6 months post-buying, but I was holding off on finishing aspects of the pages because I was hoping to be able to computer-print the journalling aspects – especially since my handwriting looks like a drunken chicken with arthritis was scratching the paper.
However, things then got neatly packed away for use “when the muse hits me” – which in my case can at times be infrequent to tri-annually to never.  This latest muse seems to be on the bi-annual train, so maybe I can actually stick at it for that length of time too?!

Anyhoot, I have spent a few days test driving my card-making skills.  And if I’m horribly conceited, some of the work is actually rather good!  Here’s the irony though – they were the first cards I created.  The ones that followed had a kind of ‘beginner having a try’ feel/look to them in my opinion. But, we can be our own harshest critics at times, and so what if they look beginner; it’s what I am!

My first attempt was a Mother’s Day card:

Mothers Day 2014

I freely admit to having Mr U, man of art and crafting help me choosing the colour combo of this one.  I didn’t trust my own innate sense of what looked OK.   Once I got the bulk of the cutting and sticking done however, I managed to select embellishments under my own steam.  🙂

Then followed a set of Christmas cards, using Dawn Lewis‘ handy template for making 8 cards from 1 patterned piece and one plain piece of paper.  I fubared some of them, but the rest…well, I’ll show you:

Cards 2Cards 1

Then came these ones the following day, after I tinkered about with Mum’s new cutting gadget, the Brother Scan N Cut (she got it for her quilting cutting, but since it also can be used for paper, I had a try):

Cards 3

And on the third day:

Cards 4

Last night saw me having another tinker with the Scan N Cut, and I have the makings of about 6-7 more cards. Or possibly additions to the scrapbooking project.  I think I have the bug – now all I need to do is coordinate my hobby with my new role as a volunteer receptionist at the local charity hospital, housekeeper/cook/laundress for my family and general laze-about clown…