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Happy Samhain to all my readers in the Southern Hemisphere, a Happy Beltane to those in the Northern!
I can hear you frowning and saying I’m bonkers wishing you this so late after the fact, but there is method to the madness.  Mr U and I work astrologically.  It’s something we started doing the first year after our wedding, as having gotten married on April 30th and celebrating both anniversary and Samhain felt like a clash somewhat.  So, we test-drove celebrating astrologically, and found that it worked rather well for us.  A help in doing the calculations is this handy webpage; Archeoastronomy.  Using the almanac section of the site, we can get a jump on the dates we need for some time into the future.  This also allows us to perhaps even plan leave days from work if we want it. So, we officially celebrate Samhain tomorrow, May 5th.  But whichever system you have, I hope it was/is a blessed time and you enjoy your time in celebration.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking of late – the product of my mind being jump-started in a training week for 2 mornings a week of volunteer reception work at the local charity hospital.  The problem with thinking is that it leads to wondering and from there to forming an opinion.  And let’s be honest, I don’t have a problem expressing those!
I came across this picture on a friend’s Facebook page:

Misplaced my WandAnd yes, this set me thinking…and wondering…and oh yes, an opinion was formed…
I like to think I don’t need to have my wand to hand to help.  Nor crystals, herbs, threads, ribbons, incense or holy water. I like to think I don’t even need to do more than blink to move from ‘I’m loading the dishwasher’ to ‘let’s get this greebly the hell out of my friend’s house’.  Zero to witch in 0.2 seconds and all that.
But then I continued following that thought-zebra along the path… yes, I can help, but should I? Am I going to be interfering in a necessary learning/life experience by helping?  Is my helping my learning/life experience moment? By helping am I possibly making things worse?  And in all honesty, the old tired question of ‘what’s in it for me?’ Yes, I’m guilty of that thought on occasion.  I can’t excuse it, and if I’m true to myself, I won’t.  There are situations and people that give me reason to take that thought seriously when they ask/crop up.  I’m human enough to recognise my reaction and as soon as I think the thought, I opt out of helping.  Anything that has a ‘but’ attached to it isn’t being done without an agenda.

I’m getting the request for dinner from the family, so it’s blog-end for tonight.

Blessings of the season to you and yours, may your celebrations be wonderful and the coming weeks be kind to you!