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Happy Lughnassadh/Lammas/1st Harvest/Lupercalia/Valentines or whichever celebration you enjoyed recently!  Mr U and I did very little for Lughnassadh beyond gathering some of the plums from the tree in the yard and reflecting on what’s ‘harvested’ or near to it in our lives as we enjoyed the juicy sweetness.


For Lupercalia however, we decided to give some love away…to our newly adopted kitteh, Gandalf.  We bring him home from the Cats Protection League shelter this Friday.  His name at the shelter is Fred, and whilst the concept of calling him Freddie (as in Mercury) was considered, we decided that since he’s a combination of grey and white, that Gandalf (The Undecided?!) fits better.  He’s an absolute charmer, has buckets of personality (which is a good thing in this household or he’d get lost in the shuffle!) and he’s almost as vocal as a cat with considerable amounts of Asiatic pedigree.  He’s also a big, boofy 2-year old, so he’s sturdy enough to cope with 2 visually-challenged people and one heffalump with a cane.

The next few weeks are shaping up to be busy ones socially for me/us, and keeping a rambunctious kitteh amused for the 5-6 weeks he needs to be under house arrest for his vaccinations to be effective is going to be interesting!

That time that the house needs to be closed up however, will give me plenty of time to finally set up my scrapbooking/paper fun space.  Mother has kindly given me desk-space and now I really need to make some kind of order of it so it’s usable. An added bonus to that is the chance of another storage box being freed up so we can store a few items not staying in the house neatly and safely in the garage.
We’ll probably still have to invest in at least 2 more wheeled storage boxes for the as-yet-still-unpacked shipping cartons in the garage (I know what’s in ’em, I just need to motivate to empty ’em!), but that’s all in the plans.  Besides, we are looking to set up a workspace for Mr U in there, so having things cleaned up and packed up neatly will make it easier.

So, plans ahoy, and life moving forward at speed! Which is really nice.  Things are falling into place so well that it’s making us laugh. Which is a good way to greet life!