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Hello from the other side of an ocean to where we were a little over a month ago! Yes, I do sound chipper, thank you.  🙂  The move, whilst stressful in it’s own ways, has been very good for us.

Mr U has got a full time job (finally!), that started exactly on the date he wanted it to.  He had a lovely 4 weeks off that let him hit the ground at the new facility smiling and ready for the new challenge of being a senior assistant/team leader. He’s enjoying the job, rapt about the improvement in uniform, working conditions and so on.  Onward to his continuing advancement as planned!

Me, looking for work, but happy to continue puttering about, working around the house until my health improves to a point that I am not a hindrance rather than a useful employee.  And if no work eventuates, I’m considering finding out at the local primary school the requirements to help out in their reading recovery programme or similar.  It won’t be paid work, but I’ll be doing something that has value to someone as well as gets me out of the house for a time.  And the school is close enough for me to puff and wheeze my way there on a bicycle.

2014 has begun, and it’s looking pretty good for us so far.  🙂

With regard to the various blog prompts and themed things I was taking part in last year; I’ll call it a good dash done on them.  Things got on top of me then, and this is now.  If I come across something that isn’t the Pagan Blog Project (sorry folks, there’s enough people rehashing the same topics repeatedly), I’ll consider taking part, but for now, I’m going to go back to my Random Musings (Rantings?) posts with occasional belief-themed stuff in the mix.  The format worked, I liked it, and to be frank, it was easy to blog like that.  Whilst life continues settling in, that’s what I need.  I’ve missed blogging, and I’m looking forward to renewing my enjoyment of it.  And if things go to plan, this little animation will give a clue as to some of my future subject matter!