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movingdayOur house looks like the pic.  Yes, almost down to the labels on the cartons too!  (We have a photo of a carton from our last move to prove that I do ascribe to this kind of labelling process!)

However, there has also been a massive amount of stuff that’s either gone to new homes or made it’s way to landfill.  For a shining example; the local council has “hard rubbish day” a couple of times per year.  You can put anything that doesn’t fit in the big wheelie bins, old furniture, lawnmowers, fridges etc out, and they’ll have their hardworking garbos sling it into the truck and haul it away for you, for free.  However, if your stuff is someone else’s treasure, you get situations like we had…

A mild day, but rain seems to be pending based on the humidity and the vaguely grey skies.  It’s 4 days out from hard rubbish day, but we’re desperate for somewhere to put packed cartons and it’s Mr U’s day off work.  (Very helpful concept that, rostered days off, particularly when the two days prior to hard rubbish day are rostered on.)  Having borrowed the outlaws’ sack barrow, it’s full steam ahead to putting out the assorted furniture items and other shit stuff that we aren’t taking with us or have deemed excess to requirement.  First on the trip down the driveway is the BBQ, sans full gas bottle.  (Safety was on our minds with it being storm season.  A 20kg, full bottle will leave an impressive crater if hit by lightning!)  Mr U returns, we load the first bookshelf, and it’s off down the drive.  Total time elapsed, 3 minutes.  He comes back to the garage with an incredulous expression.
“The BBQ’s gone.  Totally gone.  Wish I’d seen who took it, I’d offer them the gas bottle too.”  We still have the gas bottle (probably going to be donated to the outlaw’s motor-home supplies now) if you’re the person with our BBQ!

Fast forward to last week, and the lady from across the road is being shown around Wits End as a potential new tenant.
“Thanks for the bookshelves!” she grins.
Good to know where they disappeared to so rapidly too.  Still wondering who had use for the metal pipe of the old vacuum cleaner, and what precisely the ratted out purple suitcase was intended for, but maybe it’s best not to extrapolate to murder weapons and body hiding?!

So here we are, 3 days out from international uplift of our stuff, and I’m having knicker-fits due to the kitchen stuff still being in the kitchen.  It’s only the stuff I was intending to have packed by now so we could spend the last couple of days double checking we’d packed everything, filling out customs declaration forms etc.  *SIGH*  Procrastination I am the queen of.  It shall get done today, so help me Goddess.  TODAY!  That way I can deal to the forms and paperwork tomorrow in time to go to the village and print them out for Tuesday.   That’s the plan and I intend to stick to it damnit!

It will be hard to be without internet from mid-next week when we head to the outlaws for our last few days in the country.  I think I’ll go nuts, and certainly won’t do so quietly.  Must download a few e-books before then.  And send out the ‘new address’ emails.  OMG.  Another ‘To Do’ list!!!

See you all when we get back on deck!

Door to the future  for 13 Dec