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Well, after several years of thought, consideration and some dialogue, Mr U and I have reached a point of decision.  4 years ago I packed my things, kissed my Mum goodbye and got on a plane to Australia, supposedly “the lucky country”.  I had hopes of a new start and even higher hopes that the people I was about to join as their latest family member wouldn’t be hostile.
4 years later, my hopes are very much in a deep hole in the ground.  But, there’s been some good in other areas that I do appreciate – the loving husband, the few dear friends, finally realising I had depression and getting help for it, and the chance to admire the rainbow-hued birds of this country.

Thought, dialogue, consideration… have led Mr U and I to the decision that we’re going to migrate. He’s coming home with me, to Christchurch, New Zealand on 14th December this year.  I admire his courage in doing so, given that 2 years ago the city pretty much fell down in a series of earthquakes that claimed a number of lives. It can’t be easy having that in the back of the mind as we prepare to pack up, sell up and wind up our lives here.

So, I’m packing up my gangly Gandalf and we’re heading back to Middle Earth!