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Kitchen Kaos on Saturday night… Mr U is roasting a chicken for our dinner, and enthusiastically prepared vegetables to go with it. Vege went into the oven successfully. He goes back to check on the progress of the meal and I hear several colourful curses from his Gollum-esque position in front of the oven. “No! No, no, that has to come out. Right now is good…”

The sound (and yummy scent!) of the oven opening, a scramble for oven mitts and then the tap running.

“What’s happened? What part of yourself have you burned?” I ask.

“Nothing happened. I’m not burned. The big kitchen knife however shouldn’t be handled for a while. We now know our kitchen knives can go in the oven. For whatever reason we might want to bake a knife…”

Uh huh. Roast knife to go with our chicken and veges…. Only at Wits End!