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hocus_pocus_28273_mediumSometimes I get up at a reasonable hour…others, I’m still up Star Trekkin’ and dawn can just take a number!

Friends, family (Hi Mum! ❤ ), I am happy to say that both Mr U and I are once more well and functioning at the best we can each day.  Now, you’ll have to bear with me for a little longer for some blogging though, as our home of Wits End by the Sea hasn’t seen vacuum cleaner nor dust-rag for nearly a month, not to mention the Yule Ent is still standing proudly in the living room.

I make no excuses for the state of domestic affairs, we’ve been ill and with just the two of us, we decided being healthy again was more important than cleaning the floors!
I do make excuse for the Yule Ent however, it wanted to decamp back to it’s box about a week ago, but Mr U wanted to have it up for his birthday on Friday, and as someone who’s birthday falls so she can also have the Christmas tree up, who am I to deny him?

So, without further digression, I’m back, I’m cleanin’ house and I’ll be blogging again next week at some point.  I have a lot of book reviews to share and a rather boozy whiskey truffles recipe that aided and abetted a couple of excellent night’s sleep!