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keepcalmsoftkittySome days I sing like a canary…others, it’s a challenge to draw breath.

Just a quick note to say that I’m battling a damned horrible delightful bout of whatever Mr U carried home from work and mutated.  I am the first person to catch whatever his body mutated from whatever he brought home!  I guess that makes me a lab monkey?  The doctor thinks so;  “Mrs Rhesus Monkey!”

To detail for the interested:  severe bronchitis and strained back and diaphragm muscles from the action of coughing with opera-singer trained lungs.
Severe lack of sleep caused by both, resulting in uncontrollable moments of sooky-girly-crying and thanking Mr U for bringing me water, hot beverages, massaging my abused musculature, helping me use the lever on my recliner so my feet can raise, sleeping through the mating seals effect beside him, and for putting up with my sooky-girly-crying.

Current therapy: antibiotics, massage and heat packs on the muscles, occasional paracetamol when things get too much, and careful monitoring as the combinations of antidepressant, antibiotics and paracetamol might do something anti to me!  So far, so good though.

So, as you can see, I’m out for the count for a week or two whilst I figure out how to breathe through my ears or something and then recover.   I may well bend the 12 month challenge theme a little and photograph Mr U doing kitcheny things (contamination is not a good thing!) and blog about that for the latest theme (Kitchen Witch – get in the kitchen and come up with an interesting recipe).
As for the WW reading challenge…lack of sleep leaves time needing filling…I’ll have a few reviews to post I suspect!

Oh, and one last, but positive thing – I now have 50 followers!  Thank you all for considering my blog worth doing that and I appreciate you doing so.  🙂  🙂  🙂   Consider yourselves hugged, but without the bugs!

Onward back to bed…