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liebster_thumbBig thanks go to Vix at magickalmutterings for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  🙂  I’m always flattered that people take the time to not only read my blog but to nominate me for things like this.  Why?  Because I find most of them interesting (how can learning about other people not be interesting?!) and fun to answer any questions that may go with them.  And seriously, some of the questions I’ve seen people answering over the years have made me eyes wide blink blink a few times!

So, without further dither on my part, here’s how it all works:

1.  I must detail 11 random facts about myself
2.  Answer 11 questions from Vix
3.  Pass the torch by nominating 11 other bloggers (or however many you can/would like to!)
4.  Devise 11 questions for my nominees
5.  Display the Liebster Award Logo

Righto, 11 Random Facts About Myself:

1.  I’m prone to ranting at the TV when there’s something I feel strongly about being reported/discussed/misinformed going on.

2.  I’m still hunting for the book of “Practical Magic” – ebook or paper, I’m happy with either!

3.  I have little tolerance for idiots/fools.

4.  I have even less tolerance for bullies – but yet can be rather bossy in my own right.  Clearly I need to work on that.

5.  I am struggling to find 11 random facts that don’t involve telling my complete medical and mental history!

6.  I still ‘see’ my cat Myrlyn around my home, even though he’s been gone nearly 6 years and certainly has never lived with us here at Wit’s End.

7.  I am a sucker for spring flowers like jonquils, daffodils etc.  Happy flowers!

8.  I miss collecting autumn leaves at Mabon and acorns at Samhain from the parks in my home-city.

9.  I’m a great one for advising Mr U that he needs to rest and recuperate if he’s not feeling well, and yet I do a complete houseclean when I’m sick.

10.  I have a paralysing fear of horizontal rain.  You know, that rain that falls in such a hard and tropical manner that it’s falling horizontally rather than the usual vertical.  And that’s without wind blowing it that way either.  If I’m in a car and not driving, I’ll plead with the driver to pull over until it stops.  If I’m driving…well, let’s say it’s either slow down to 50km/hr regardless of traffic or highway or pull over until it stops.

11.  I appear to be developing an addiction to my e-reader.  Now if I could find a job that lets me earn the money to buy the books to fill it (and it’s associated external drive)…

Vix’s Questions for Me:

  1. Who inspires you and why?
    This changes almost daily!  I have always been inspired by writers and musicians, people like Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. Why do writers inspire me?  They manage to convey what’s going on in their imaginations/minds in such a way that I enjoy reading it. I envy them as much as am inspired by them!  Musicians for much the same reason, as well as the point that I find music speaks to my soul.  Even though I know enough of the technicalities of music after 7 years of singing training and 6+ years of piano lessons, it still moves me.
    Nelson Mandela – he holds no apparent grudges, despite what has happened to him in his life.  This is something I can only wish to be able to do eventually.  The Dalai Lama – it’s got to be hard, not being able to go back to your home at all.  And to still manage to be the leader of your belief system without having that recourse of ‘go home and relax’ when it all gets tiring.
  2. Describe your dream holiday
    Somewhere close enough to civilisation that I can pop out for a hot chocolate and a croissant at a cafe for breakfast, but far enough away from others that their noise doesn’t rattle me.  A big comfy bed.  A big enough bathtub for my big-self. Lots of books.  Music.  Gentle weather and lovely sunsets and sunrises.  And to be able to share this with Mr U.
  3. Have you taken it?
    One day, maybe.
  4. Do you write anything apart from your blog?
    Hmm.  This is a tricky one.  I used to.  I’m somewhat at a stop-sign with it currently though due to personal issues needing to have priority for a while.  Once those are dealt with, I hope to be back on deck with my fiction writing.
  5. What’s your favourite TV show, past or present?
    I don’t think I can honestly say!  I’ve enjoyed a number of them and if I’m honest, I’m likely to wind up listing a few dozen of them if I start!
  6. Do you believe in alternative therapies? Why/why not?
    Yes and no.  I believe that they have a place if they’re helping someone feel more positive about fighting an illness or disease and so long as it’s used in conjunction with conventional medicine I’m OK with it.  It’s when it’s seen as being so much better than conventional medicine and it’s used without proper guidance from trained professionals or in conjunction with conventional that I get concerned.
    Whilst I don’t doubt that there are people who benefit in some way from alternative therapies, I find that trusting something will work based on (in a number of cases) anecdotal ‘evidence’ and belief that it will work because it’s ‘something that our ancestors would have used and they didn’t have medicine like we do!’  a little unnerving.  Having said that, I’ve trained up to Level II in the Usui Method of Reiki…
  7. Have you ever seen anything you couldn’t describe – ghosts, fairies etc?
    Yes, regularly.  Sometimes it’s lovely, others it gives me the galloping wullies.
  8. What’s the best present you’ve ever been given?
    I can’t say, I’ve got a lot of years ahead of me to still receive presents!  🙂
  9. Lazy days or busy days?
    A nice mix of both, but perhaps with more lazy than busy currently.  I hope to reach that point where busy and lazy trade places.
  10. What’s your favourite book?
    Anything by Anne McCaffrey or Todd McCaffrey.  I’m developing a liking for Jim Butcher too.
  11. What’s the worst you’ve ever read (or tried to read)?
    I will prepare to be hung, drawn and quartered now…  The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  I simply cannot get into those books! I’ve tried for years and get so bogged down in the minutiae of them that I get annoyed.  I did however enjoy the films.  Maybe I’m just someone who needs visuals when dealing with mammoth, plodding epics or something?

My 11 Questions for my Nominees:

1.  What is your favourite quote or motto?
2.  Do you sing in the shower or recite poetry?
3.  What is the ringtone on your phone (either mobile or landline)?
4.  Describe your dream home?
5.  What made you start blogging?
6.  What book are you currently reading?
7.  What are you avoiding doing by answering these questions?
8.  What is the most obscure piece of trivia you can share?
9.  Favourite music and why?
10.  Do you have a favourite item of clothing and why?
11.  Do you believe in alternative therapies? Why/why not?


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