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satanSome days I like to relax and enjoy the day.  Others, I wonder about the kinds of people around on Facebook…

Both Mr U and I are pagans and witches.  We hold ritual at any phase of the moon, day or planets, depending on our need, want or whim.  Like most witches or pagans I guess.  Looks like my guess is wrong.

Imagine my owlish blinking reaction when Mr U tells me that he’s been ‘unfriended’ by an acquaintance on Facebook because he’s “a Satanist”.   That’s right, “a Satanist”!  How did this person form this opinion?  Because Mr U went to the beach, at the dark of the moon, lit a bonfire and did a ritual.

Stop blinking.  Start laughing;  I know I did when Mr U then said that the person in question was apparently ‘teaching’ Wicca 101 courses at $800 per person for a day-long workshop.  $800 per head for ‘Wicca 101’ and they don’t get that the dark of the moon is a very good time to do banishings of bad habits or feelings, to clear the proverbial ‘gunk’ that builds up over time, to honour the darker deities such as Hecate, Cailleach  Kali, Morrigan, Cernunnos, Gwynn ap Nudd, Hades (and Persephone as his consort in the underworld) etc??!  Bet all those people that paid out $800 for their course had a hellofa fright when they went to other teachers’ courses and read a few books that pointed out what I just did about the dark moon phases and it’s uses!

All I can really say about the supposed ‘teacher’ and their determination that Mr U (and as a result, myself also) is “a Satanist” is the tried and weary: How can I be a Satanist when Satan is a creation of the Christian faith; a faith I do not ascribe to.  Therefore how can I be worshipping something that to me, does not exist?  There needs to be balance of light and dark in all things, just because we acknowledge that balance doesn’t make us users of “black magic”.   To be told that someone won’t be friends with you because they “thought you were a white witch” makes me gag.  Nowhere do either Mr U or I state we’re any colour of the rainbow when it comes to our workings.  We’re just balanced.

I bet that ‘teacher’ also thinks ‘Charmed’ is a educational documentary series.  😮