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iconstorykeeperMythic Mayhem: Pick one mythic creature and imagine what the world would be like  if it was not only real but a common animal.

Wheee!  I get to go batcrap nuts in the imagination realm here!  *doing my happy dance*  I’m also going to be horrendously unoriginal in my creature choice, but hopefully original in how I present it.  🙂

This is Charlotte Undery, live in the studio, welcome!  Our guest tonight is a dragon; long thought to be simply mythical or an allegory.  Mr Dragon, I’ll cut to the chase.  Your kind have had considerable bad press over the centuries – BBQing virgins, rampaging through countrysides, pillaging cattle, hoarding riches…”
“Purely bad PR on our part.  We hired this bunch of Trolls as publicists back at the dawn of time and it’s been flaming hell ever since.  Sadly, once you have a troll in the company, it’s really hard to remove them.  Although, with the advent of the internet and ‘social networks’ the block and delete option has been helpful.”

“But there had to be some truth in the stories surely?”

“We had to eat, and in all honesty, we are a large creature – no ‘Biggest Loser’ for us,  hahaha!  Cattle are a good size and tasty.  As for the virgins thing, that’s sadly something foolish that one of the older brethren thought up to get a bunch of people to just let him renovate the cave he was in so it would be more comfortable.  Humans like a bit of flame and sparkle, and if it’s accompanied by the demand for something precious, there’s always someone who’s stup…silly enough to actually give up their first-born and all their cash to someone in return for a nebulous promise of safety.  Take a look at all those TV evangelists as an example of this in action today.”

“So you’re claiming you and your kind are nothing more than misrepresented, oversized, anti-religionists?”

“Not at all.  I’m claiming we’re omnivorous, we enjoy home renovations and we have on occasion a somewhat problematic sense of humour who also happen to be exceptionally large lizardly creatures.   Yes, we can fly, yes we collect antiques but that doesn’t make us evil or demonic.”

“What about the fire-breathing?”

“Ever had chili from Joses’ Jumping Jalapeno Joint or a vindaloo from Holy Cow Curry Hut and not been able to find a lake of water to cool the burn?  Humans blow out hot air and suck in cool in that situation too.”

“You’re very aware of modern conveniences and pop-culture…”

“Of course.  We’ve been blending in for centuries.  We’re in politics, education and business; but we’re not Monsanto.  We prefer our food organically raised.  We’re the original ‘peace, love and mungbeans’ crowd.  That we supplement our mungbeans with the occasional side of beef is natural for us.    And if you take a closer look, you’ll find we’ve been part of pop-culture for nearly as long as we’ve been around.  Notable times we’ve been presented well have been in the likes of Anne and Todd McCaffrey’s Pern novels, the Eragon novels.  We make an appearance of sorts in a few of the more…ahem…adult genre of vampire/supernatural/gothic style romances as well.  Then there’s the films such as Dragonheart – Sir Sean Connery does have the natural vocal timbre for one of us for the record – and again, Eragon.  We found whimsy in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon too…

I think I’d better leave it here, as this could be a novel in it’s own right and seriously, I think you get where my mind is galloping on this!  😀   Mythic mayhem indeed!