iconstorykeeperAtlantis What is your take on the mythic lost continent?


My take on Atlantis?   I’ll be frank and say ‘hookum and humbug’.

Whilst I’ve seen a number of theories about it’s existence and location, at this point in time, there’s not enough concrete evidence to satisfy me.   At this point, all I’ve really seen is a lot of “new age” types rabbiting on about how they were priestesses of Atlantis or mermaids in Atlantis, and very little actual science proving it’s location or existence.  As yet.

I’m always open to genuine scholarly research, finding and proof.  Who’s to say that in 10 or 20 years there’s a comprehensive oceanic floor map made (Bet they don’t use Google Earth!) that indicates the presence of a substantial sunken continent/landmass.  But right now?  No.  Don’t believe it.  Which could be a sad thing for me perhaps.  Or perhaps it’s the realist in me?