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art found at: natamon.deviantart.com

art found at: natamon.deviantart.com

I’m not Irish, so I can’t really run about wearing a button that says “Kiss me, I’m Irish” today, St Patrick’s Day.
Besides, the whole St Patrick’s Day thing as a huge party and excuse to drink anything green, eat anything green (well, hopefully they’ll consider kale and lettuce, but odds are it’s more likely to be things artificially coloured) and probably display some of the proverbial “fightin’ Irish” behaviour.
I don’t do St Patrick’s Day.  Why?  I’m pagan.  For a much better outline of why the day is ignored by myself and offends any number of pagans, take a look at this blog.  It’s interesting, it’s well-written, and it comes from someone who’s genuinely Irish well back further than 1197.   Plus, the author thinks so similarly to me about the day that I couldn’t have done it better (IMHO).

So, having made that clarification, I’ll instead explain what I will be celebrating today.

1) My dear friends Steve and Caroline are marrying today.  I wish them all the very best for their future and many joyful days and nights together.  Drat the stupid car troubles and Mr U’s persnickety spine that keep us from attending the revels 😦

2) I’ll raise a glass to the lost druids and pagans that St Patrick did have a large hand in destroying/killing/driving out as “snakes”.  All that knowledge and skill lost…a glass in toast to their memories.

3) St Gertrude’s Day.  What?!  A saint and I’m celebrating them?!  Patron saint of cats.  Who have for many generations been family members, familiars and great friends to many of us, pagan and non-pagan alike.  I’ll light a candle and raise a glass to her too, in memory of all my feline friends over the many years.

So all in all, I’ll be raising 3 glasses of lemonade today.  I might sneak in a single shot of Bailey’s though; because like step-dancing, poetry and song, the making of good beverages is something the Celts have always done with exceptional skill!