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something wicked

Something Wicked – Evelyn Vaughn

Publication Date: February 14, 2006 | Series: Silhouette Bombshell (Book 77)

Blurb about the book and cover image taken from Amazon.com

When you curse your enemy, you curse yourself, too.

Nonpracticing witch Kate Trillo learned this when she walked in on her sister’s murder and fought off the gloating killer. Staring into his cold eyes, she spoke the words that would make his life a living hell until she could get vengeance–and then the strangest accidents began happening to her.

To make matters worse, the killer had a perfect alibi–or a look-alike. Had Kate said the wrong name, or was something wicked afoot? By uncovering her own secret heritage and finding a long-lost goddess grail, Kate might learn the truth. But would the truth set her sister’s killer free?

–This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition as the paper edition is out of print.

Rose Vine

Personal Thoughts:

Ok, so this isn’t a new book to my reading eyes.  I’ve had it for a few years (duh, publication year is 2006) and find myself re-reading it every few years or so.  I came across Evelyn Vaughn’s Grailkeeper Series courtesy of a friend who sent me the first novel, and I’ve been trying to locate paper editions of the rest of them since!  (If anyone has Lost Calling or Seventh Key they’d be willing to sell me, drop me a comment!)

Sacred Goddess cups (Grails) are coming to light around the world, found by a range of searchers called Grailkeepers.  Each Grailkeeper comes from a family line of ‘keepers, and each one has their own story to add to the greater one.  This is Katie (Hekate)  Trillo’s, and it’s a fun read on a rainy weekend.   The book opens with a murder, a curse and the effects of the curse are then felt throughout the book, until Katie has travelled through Greece, Turkey and a few sacred sites in-between to get it lifted by the Goddess Hecate.  Why does Katie want a curse lifted?  She cursed the wrong guy.  She should have cursed his twin.  (This is where I have a smile, as I married an identical twin and have often wondered at the odds of him ‘getting away with murder’!)  Add to this the murderer twin is a wannabe member of a secret society determined to destroy the Grails (and any Grailkeeper should they get in the way) and you have an interesting combo of witchery, romance and ‘stick it to the bad-guys’ adventure.

I admit, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed the ones I’ve got that have Maggi (Magdalene) Sanger as the Grailkeeper du jour, but the overall premise of the Grail searches and their associated stories and myths as well as the interconnection of the ‘keepers in surprising ways had me raspberrying my doubts.

An oldie but a goodie, I give it  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 out of 5.