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iconstorykeeperOh My Gods –  How do you define the Divine?

Blog 2 of the challenge, and the question itself is to me, a challenge.  Is it asking us to define what we consider divine?  Is it asking us to define who we consider divine?  Is it asking us to define our connection/relationship with the what or who we consider divine?  Having thoroughly confused even myself in that range of questions alone, I think I’m going to cast my thoughts wide, and attempt to answer the three of them.  I know my answers may not make sense to some, and I suspect I may even offend some, but folks, it’s my blog, and my definitions. 🙂

But before I go putting my spin on things, here’s a definition of divine and of define courtesy of dictionary.com:

Adjective –  Of, from, or like God or a god.
Noun – A cleric or theologian.
Verb – Discover (something) by guesswork or intuition: “his brother usually divined his ulterior motives”.
Adjective – heavenly, godlike, celestial, supernal
Noun – theologian, clergyman, ecclesiastic, priest
Verb – foretell, predict, prophesy, augur, prognosticate

Verb – 1) State or describe exactly the nature, scope or meaning of.
– 2) Give the meaning of (a word or phrase), esp. in a dictionary.
Synonyms – determine, fix, specify

Yikes! More confusion.  But, I’ll give it a go.  The divine does love a trier after all…

What do I consider divine?
This one’s the most confusing for me.  I accept the science facts that the earth was once space dust and that over time it evolved into what it is now, and that life has come and gone all throughout that evolution (in an evolutionary pattern of it’s own) and that we, and our planet are still evolving.  But I also consider all of that to be part of some greater being’s plan/idea/’if I poke this here, what happens?’.  Whether you believe in Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, God, The Flying Spaghetti Monster or The Goddess, we and all we know, feel, see, smell, touch etc is part of some greater being’s plan that’s taking time and effort to evolve into whatever it winds up as.  Ergo; everything is divine.  Everyone is divine.

Who do I consider divine?
I’m a pagan, and something of a flibberty-gibbet about who I consider divine, depending on the time and circumstances.  But I am part of an evolving process after all, so to me, that makes sense.  However, I do have a few pets:

  • The Goddess – the universal, no particular pantheon, no particular specific traits etc kind.
  • The God – again, universal, no particular pantheon, no particular specific traits etc kind, and definitely not the kind revered by certain radical/fundamental Christians.
  • Erishkegal – a Sumerian Goddess, the other side of Inanna.
  • Sekhmet – Egyptian, the warrior Goddess side of Bast.
  • Hades – Greek, the ruler of the underworld, and one of the most hard done by son in laws LOL!
  • The Muses – Greek, and their name is self-explanatory; the Goddesses who inspire art, poetry, music, dance etc.
  • Jesus Christ – Surprised you did I?  🙂  I like JC, I like a large number of the things he had to say, I dislike how he’s been translated/interpreted and misquoted by those who wrote his biography and by those who take a decidedly un-Christ-like definitions of those translations/interpretations.  I like your Jesus.  It’s some of his followers that I don’t like.
  • You – whoever you are. From wherever you are.
  • Me – yup, little old me.
  • Nature – the trees, the birds, the bees, the fish in the seas…  I could go on being poetic, but I think you get it.

What is my relationship with what I consider divine?
Friendship, beings connecting as equals.  I sit and converse with my Goddesses/Gods as if I were chatting with friends over a hot cuppa.  I share food with them.  Sometimes, I will give them an offering – which I consider a gift – of incense, a candle, some beverage or food they’re reputedly fond of.  These offerings aren’t bribes, nor are they pleas for clemency, they are simply gifts between friends.  Sometimes, the gifts are reciprocated as lessons or messages for me, protection for me and those I love, guidance when I’m stuck and confused, or the arrival of friends who provide all those things in ‘real time and place’.

My relationship to Nature is somewhat difficult, as I’m prone to agoraphobia and panic attacks in the wide open spaces.  But I can cope in our handkerchief sized yard and when I’m watering the lavender, rosemary and rosebush out front.  I still can’t get close to a snake or a big spider yet though.  😛  I love the feel of a cooling breeze on a hot day, the way the bird life in the area likes to congregate around our place.  I like the gentle shooshing of the waves at the beach 200 metres from our front door.

My relationship with myself – I’m a continually evolving creature and sometimes, I like who I am, others not so much.  I’m human, I’m fallible, I’m clumsy, I’m outspoken, I’m opinionated.  But I’m me.

My relationship with you – I consider you divine.  By way of this blog I’m conversing with you as if chatting with friends over a cuppa.  Go grab a cookie and eat with me, we might share lessons, messages, protection and guidance…