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I really should stop surfing around blogs I’ve been following…

WWReadingChallengeI came across this one today via Shelly’s blog; it’s the Witches and Witchcraft Reading Challenge 2013.  It’s being hosted at Melissa’s  Eclectic Bookshelf, and it sounds like fun!  I’m giving you the link to  Melissa’s info about the Challenge, rather than copy and pasting the details here, it means you get to check out another great blog!  🙂

There’s different levels of commitment, if all the time you can spare is to read one book, then that’s OK.  There’s no pressure, and certainly nothing beyond having fun is expected.  And hey, if it gives me a few new titles to track down to read, it’s even better.

As yet, due to my Jilly-Come-Lately method, I’ve not yet got a list of books lined up – and if I’m honest I’m not sure what level I’d like to be in (Anyone who knows me understands I can read up to 100 books a year if I get on a roll!) yet.  I think I’ll just start reading and put up a blog entry reviewing the books as I go.  Besides, it gives me more reasons to whap up a blog 😀

So, without further ado, I’m going to give this one a go too!   How about you join us?