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So here’s the thing.  I blog about what’s happening (or not :)) in my life.  I blog about my beliefs.  Today, I thought I might blog a little about a newish hobby I have, just to shuffle things about a little!

Just to be clear, I blame ScrapIt TV.  Yes, I blame something other than myself.  I had a vague thought that I needed a hobby a few years ago, so I tried knitting.  Didn’t go well.   In fact, I think it’s fair to say it was a complete bird’s nest.
I’ve enjoyed cross-stitch embroidery for some time, but at a point my eyes cross and I develop a severe lack of patience with my own inability to count.
Then, I watched an episode of ScrapIt TV.   Damn you 4ME (channel 64)!!   I was fascinated by the papers, the stamping, the pretty coloured markers…  *shakes myself out of the glazed look*  I described the show and my thinking it might be a fun new thing to try to my loving Mr U, who gave me a Lincraft shopping card and a wheelie-craft-caddy for Christmas/Birthday that year (the joy of having them just 12 days apart).   He even went with me to shop!   OK, he needed to get some paint for his crafting work, but he did haul the little wheelie shopping basket they have through the paper craft section as I merrily filled it before we went in search of his stuff.

So here I am about a year later.  I have added to the supplies, and have done a few pages of scrapping.  Mr U helped do some of them (well, he’s the arty one in the family, so it made sense to me to get some input!) and I even managed a few pages solo.  They still need a few minor things added to them, and my plan is to get ink for the printer ASAP so I can have the journaling on the pages legible – my handwriting had doctors crossing eyes and scratching heads, hence my desire to computer journal.  I am however, still a rank beginner.  I watch ScrapIt TV when I see it’s on, and I have finally found Dawn Lewis’ templates to create 8 cards from a single sheet of patterned paper, some blank card-stock and a few titivating bits.  I’m hoping to try that in the near future, as the simple method and relatively quick results will not only give me a stash of cards but it will help me hone my skills on smaller projects.  Plus, it’s economical, something that’s crucial in our single income household.

Anyhoot, that’s a little about my newish hobby.  I don’t have any pictures of the projects to hand as yet, but I hope to fairly soon that I can share.  I’ll know I’ve got the hang of it when I can produce cards like the one pictured LOL!  Cards Away whoot!   🙂