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iconstorykeeperReflection Time another year has come and gone, looking back what have you learned?

I’m not completely sure I’ve learned much, I suspect at times it more a case of having lessons resurrected and presented in another way in some cosmic attempt to get me to finally learn!

Lessons began early last year.  I found out that even though there’s processes in place and people to approach with concerns, sometimes an organisation prefers to keep it’s troublesome long-termers happier than it’s newbies.   I also learned that I have a higher tolerance for bullshit than I ever imagined, but even I have my limit.
Lesson: Don’t step into ‘the community’.  Stay away from it.

I learned that it’s actually easier to deal with things that are upsetting to me by simply attributing them thus; “Oh well, it’s so-and-so, what can I expect after all this time.”
Lesson:  Resignation to another’s behaviour is sometimes the best way to stay sane if you’re required to associate with them at irregularly regular intervals.  See also my tolerance to bullshit comment above in relation to this.

I learned that no matter what my education and skills, I’m not qualified or skilled enough to stock shelves at a supermarket.
Lesson:   Don’t give up.  I’m likely to hate the tedium of a job like that anyway and the manager would be terrified I’d stage a benign coup and resulting in the plebs running the business.

I learned that I am scared of loosing myself in my marriage.  I’ve seen an episode from “Charmed” twice in the last 3 months that involved Paige being put into her fiancé  Henry’s head in an effort to understand him and her feelings for him.  There’s a scene where Henry’s at a mirror, talking to Paige’s reflection and she admits that she’s scared to loose herself and who she is as an individual in the whole married/couple/Us/We thing.
Lesson:  Talk to your Beloved.  They’re likely having similar thoughts!

I’ve learned that re-reading a number of books, both fictional and educational will bring up information that I missed the first few times I read them.
Lesson:  Re-read books annually.  Assess the information gleaned with the experiences had since the last time you read it.

I learned that whilst other people’s dark sides can scare me, my own shadows scare me more.
Lesson: Face that sucker down, set the ground rules and then live in a balanced and connected way.

I’m sure there’s more, but currently there’s dinner to get sorted and time to spend with my Beloved, so I’ll call it a blog!  🙂