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Sometimes, it’s not “The Ascension”, “The Rapture” or even “The Mayan Apocalypse”.  Sometimes it’s as simple as this:

Stupid decisions

I saw this today on Facebook and was reminded of a former friend who was semi-convinced that he and his partner were “cursed”.  As far as I was concerned,  it was a cop-out response to what they felt was a continuing path of things going wrong for them.    Instead of looking at their personal decisions and perhaps reconsidering the wisdom of them, the option (even half-jokingly) that there was some malign otherworldly cause was more acceptable than taking a look in the mirror and making any changes that might improve things.
You’ll note I said ‘former friend’ at the start of the paragraph.  For a range of reasons, but the ability to gaslight and shift blame to others were key ones.

There were a large number of people who thought that they were going to be taken up in “The Rapture” over the last few years.  A number of them gave up jobs, spent all their money, sold their assets and went about wearing sandwich boards proclaiming that the end was nigh and we all had to repent or be left behind.  Many of these same people are now wondering why they’re still here, wondering why they went so completely overboard as to have no job, home or savings.
Bad decisions much?

I’ve made some bad decisions in my life.  I don’t pretend or even consider that I haven’t.  I know I was stupid.  I’m responsible for my decisions, no one else.  I find it rather liberating actually.   At the end of the day, if I can say “yeah, I fubared that one, didn’t I?”, maybe cry a little because I’m hurt or ask Mr U to confirm my degree of stupid (which he never does, curiously enough, so maybe my perception of stupidity is higher than is necessary?) and then get on with the rest of life, I’m doing OK.
I don’t believe in curses, Raptures or Ascensions…