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Once more, I blog!  😀

Well, in case anyone didn’t know, we here in the antipodes (AKA Australia) had a solar eclipse on Wednesday.  Teamed with a dark moon in Scorpio.  Whilst the sun is in Scorpio.   What the flaming frogs does it mean?  Stuffed if I know, but it made for an interesting dark moon shadow session.  *blinks owlishly*  Which didn’t really happen.  Well, at least it didn’t seem so until today.  🙂

Wednesday had it’s share of less-than-salutatory moments – I still need to launder the tears and boogies out of Mr U’s shirt to prove it – and if I’m honest, I didn’t feel much like actually even attempting a shadow meditation.  By about 1600 hrs  I’d reached sleep-deprivation saturation point, and uncrossed my eyes long enough to haul rump to the bedroom and stretch out in an attempt at either a nap or a meditation, whichever hit me first.  10 minutes later, I hauled out my MP3 player (yeah, I don’t have an I-anything) and set it to shuffle.  I forgot that it’s only got a range of rock on there currently, with a little Michael Buble chucked in for the happy; not a meditation/nap-encouraging melody to be heard!   Oh well, I hit the volume up to full and just rocked on horizontally.    90 minutes later, I switched it off, having muttered to the ether a couple of times that all the songs that shuffled seemed to have a “not alone” thematic.  I didn’t register that the final song I listened to was “Wings” by Live.


Roll on today, Friday.  I amble out of bed to open up drapes and windows, and come nearly nose to beak with a Kookaburra, sitting on the fence across the drive – which is only about 3 metres away.   It’s the closest I’ve been to one of these comedic-sounding fellows, and it was studying me as intently as I was studying it.  I bade it a good morning, and after (logically) not getting a response, I ambled back to bed, given that it was only 0500 hrs.
Later in the day, I went in search of what Kookaburra means, as I felt strongly that there was a message going on in the interaction at the arse-crack of dawn.

Kookaburra is about healing and taking responsibility for your own healing.  It’s about not putting on the laughing face to hide the pain.  It’s about finally dealing with the hurts of the past and clearing the way for the genuine laughter to come into life.

And isn’t that pretty much what a shadow journey is about?  Taking charge and healing oneself?  Looking back on the first of my meditations, with the huge bear and the ocean, I’m also not alone.  I don’t have to be afraid to ask for help – even when it simply consists of  “Mr U…I’m sorry”  and letting him remind me it’s OK to cry, lots of people do it, and not to fuss about the shirt, it can be laundered.

Take a look at the lyrics to the final song I heard on Wednesday.  Now add to it the Kookaburra.  Looks like I had a shadow journey session this dark moon, without actually realising it.