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They say there’s a first time for everything, and this is one of those for me!   Cara over at  Book of Eucalypt  has nominated me and my little blog here for The Witchy Blog Award.  🙂   Thank you Cara, and thanks for creating a first for me!

The Rules for this award are:

  • Post the award pic in your post.
  • Nominate 5 other Wiccan/Pagan blogs. If you don’t know of five then nominate as many as you can, notify the bloggers that you have nominated them.
  • Answer the 7 questions below. The questions can be modified as long as they are still Wiccan/Pagan related.
  • Stop by Ayslyn’s Corner to have your name added to the list of blogs nominated.
  • So here are the wonderful bloggers that I’m going to nominate:

1.  My Craft and Sullen Art

2.  Journey of Lehnah

3.  Diary of a Familiar in Training  (this one is really kid-friendly too!)

4.  A Witch’s Day

5.  The Boneyard’s Treasures


1. How did you ‘discover’ Wicca/Witchcraft?

Through a long and interesting search that started through reading history and mythology from loads of other cultures/places.   From there, it developed into a discussion topic with our RE (religious education) teacher at my Catholic high school, and it was he who suggested that I might well find Paganism an interesting thing to consider.

For the record, I don’t consider myself Wiccan, but I do consider myself a Witch. Yes, there IS a difference!

2. Do you grow herbs?

Erm, I can dehydrate a cactus…so, no.  Although the Rosemary and Lavender outside our front door seems to be doing OK, but that may be due more to occasional rain, occasional trims by our lovely neighbour and sheer good luck.

3. Are you in the ‘Broom Closet’?  If not share your coming out experience.

Only brooms, mops and vacuum cleaners belong in the broom closet!   I didn’t ‘come out’ per se, I simply respond calmly (and without the need for sensationalising it) to questions about my beliefs with “I’m a pagan”.   If people are curious, they’ll ask for more, but I see no need to go about wearing black floaty things and velvet to the wazoo, wearing enough jewellery to look like I’m in chain-mail  loudly glaring at people when they give me odd looks.  You know that lady you passed in the mall today?  That was me. 🙂

4. What tradition do you follow?

Tradition would mean I’m primarily from the UK;  I’m not, I’m from Holland/New Zealand/Australia.   Tradition can become too hide-bound for me, though I include information and practice that fits in well with my eclectic style from Traditions should I come across it.

5. Do you consider yourself Witch/Pagan/Wiccan (or maybe something else?)

Definitely a Witch/Pagan combo, with more emphasis on Witch than Pagan.  A tiny soupcon of New Age thrown in for added kookiness, and I’m perfect for what I want and need my beliefs to incorporate!

6. How much of Wicca/Witchcraft are you able to incorporate into everyday life?

Considerable amounts.  Even the simplest act of everyday life (like stirring your cuppa) can include a quick blessing.
I use my laundry folding time as a form of moving meditation.  Dish-washing becomes ‘Zen time’.
My beliefs are part of who I am, not part of what I do, and I certainly don’t switch them on/off because the in-laws are coming to visit.

7. Do you have a familiar? If you do, tell us how you meet him/her and how s/he takes part in your practice (if at all)

I used to, and miss them so terribly much!    They would always be around somewhere when I was doing ritual or simply living in the house, and on occasion could make their opinion well-known (and in some cases felt) should it be needed.    They were simply….there.  *shrugs*