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This whole time-zone difference thing still confuses the bejabbers out of me, and it’s worse when we’ve just started Daylight Savings Time…

Since it’s almost the end of October 15th here, I should say hello to all the travellers who have and who might pass through my blog here as a result of my interview for Lyn Thurman’s

Curious to see my responses?  Click here.   Whilst you’re there, take a look around the rest of Lyn’s blog; it’s full of handy tips, interesting info and adventures! (You can also find a button link on my sidebar, ‘Wise Whispers @ witch-blog’)  Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the event Lyn, I’m enjoying my first year of participation!

Today’s also the dark (or new) moon here.  An interesting time for many, as it’s usually accepted witchy practice (yikes, just offended a ton of folks by calling it that!)  to spend the moonphase in quiet contemplation or inner work rather than more active ritual/magic.  But, if magic is going on, the generally accepted kinds involve removal of bad habits and the like, removing negative energies – basically a monthly clean out of the gak that can build up in life.

“Good thinking” thought I this dark moon, and so took a forward step in what looks like is going to become a shadow journey process, similar to what Mr U finished earlier this year.  (Take a look here for his blogging the journey,  it’s under the category heading of  ‘Shadow work’)   I collected up my new Temple Beads that I bought from Stacey Demarco, a CD of some Native American drumming, lit some Owl Champa incense and a small candle, and settled down for a journey with healing in mind.

Temple Beads by Stacey Demarco

Temple Beads by Stacey Demarco. Available via her website http://www.themodernwitch.com

I had no idea what to expect, but I’d done a little reading on possible scenarios that could develop.  If I’m honest, I was hoping it would be something simple that wouldn’t rattle me too much.  *snorts*  I’m not rattled, but it wasn’t an easy journey either.  There’s something about being dismembered and the bits lobbed into the ocean that is a little unnerving! That the dismembering was done by a rather large bear who spoke to me as it did so added a degree of surreality to things, and that’s probably what kept me from pulling out of the meditation.  Nothing like a mental commentary of  “a big bear on the beach is breaking me down and dunking me in the sea…”  to keep me there and wondering what’s going to happen next!

Also, given that I’m a little jumpy on beaches or near the ocean, I was surprised that things happened there; but all things considered, salt baths are renowned for their healing properties, sand is a notorious exfoliator and we live within a gnat’s whistle of the local beach.  Nothing like being out of one’s comfort zone to encourage honest reactions I guess.

Anyhoot, after a time of floating about and getting really deep cleaned, I washed back up on the sand in one piece again to follow the big bear along the water’s edge for a time, listening to it’s teachings and messages.    At the end of the walk, the bear sent me on to walk home (we do live that close!) as it walked into the ocean and vanished.    On my return home/coming out of the meditation, I made the suggested seven new moon wishes using the Temple Beads before grounding and reconnecting with this reality again.

It will be interesting to see how the month shapes up from here, and yes, I am planning another dark moon journey and wishes for next month.  So much for my post earlier in the year about not doing shadow-work…