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Mr Bunny, contemplating and centred before playing his role. (c) Dragon on the Payroll 2012

Great Scots, a blog entry!  😛   It’s been awhile, that I am very aware of, and I must admit to regretting not managing to making time to write a little here more often.  I apologise to the people that are subscribers/regular readers (can I really consider you ‘regular readers’ when I blog maybe once every 4-5 months though?  Thanks for hanging in there!)  Anyhoots…

Life, as is it’s way, has taken a few shifts and moves for Mr U and I.  Nothing overly dramatic or earth-shaking (thankfully if one considers my mother’s home location and what used to be my home city is still an earthquake zone), but it’s been enough for me to take a look at my practice, my ideas of said practice and the old chestnut of  ‘life, the universe and everything’.    Yes, I’m one of those incredibly irritating people that thinks things to death before I commit or act!

So, has anything changed for me in that process?  A little maybe.  I’m still thinking about some stuff though, so I can’t honestly answer that question fully yet.   I do know however what hasn’t; and it’s comforting to me that  I’m happy with what I believe, parts of how I practice the rites of my beliefs and that I haven’t completely lost my ability to sit in the field and wait.   Oh, and I’m never too old to learn new stuff!

Since July this year, Mr U and I have been attending regular full moon gatherings on the Gold Coast, run by OakSun Grove, part of the WildWood tradition.  This group was started by young Aussie writer Gede Parma, and has a heady mix of magical energies and people that powers the whole lovely bunch of us along.   I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t sure that a group of mainly under-30’s was something I’d be OK with (like being 41 is such an old fart or something?), but after a couple of circles and some new connections made, I found myself enjoying things more than I’d initially expected.   I’m still on the fence as to whether I’ll officially start their training process, but Mr U has declared himself Aspirant and Wanderer already, so maybe one of us in the house at a time’s how it’s meant to work.

In that thematic…has anyone ever had the situation where they feel like they’re watching their magical partner making/taking those forward leaps in thinking and action and are feeling left behind?  Seriously, I’m genuinely interested to know.  And will listen to any suggestions or advice those that have been there done that can offer.  I always knew that Mr U and I were on slightly differing paths, but we were close enough to hold hands and talk along the way.   The last year or so?  Not so much.  But that’s OK, it’s the differences that keep me learning new stuff and my mind cogitating, right?

The egg on the altar, in front of my Goddess statue. Yeah, the bunny is riding the egg… (c) Dragon on the Payroll 2012

Spring has definitely sprung for us here at Home by the Sea; with crazy new rose bushes flowering like old hands of several years growing, orchids that should have thrown a diva-fit flowering, other plants that shouldn’t have flowered until next year deciding that this year was a good one to put their flame-orange blooms up for us to admire and thus far none of the ‘holy crap!’ spring storms that are common for this country.  Other parts of the land have had some good boom and crashers, but not us.  *keeps fingers crossed and hopes the flowers are all finished before we do get one*
We’ve finally used the Easter bunny/egg-shaped candles that Mother left at her last visit to us, and I dubbed the day we did so “burnin’ bunnies and flamin’  eggs!”

Burn bunny, burn! (c) Dragon on the Payroll 2012

At the same time, I envied my northern hemisphere friends and the bloggers I follow for their autumn harvests and foods and for the fun they’re all preparing for – Samhain/Halloween.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely changing my dislike of the commercial hooha involved, or my dislike of  trick or treating; but the decorating, the planning of parties…yes, I’m a pagan Martha Stewart wannabe, and at the wrong time of the year!   Still, I’ll keep an eye out, and perhaps pick up something fun to use come April, when Samhain rolls up for us.  I know I’ve got some seriously cute faux  mini pumpkins I ordered back in March from Factory Direct Craft around here somewhere…and some autumn leaves and acorns… (sounds of fossicking about in the garage shall now ensue)But, I did indulge in some out-of-season (for me!) Halloween-themed fun, by volunteering to be an interview subject for Lyn Thurman over at Wise Whispers Witch Blog, as part of her “Real Witches of Halloween 2012”.   I heard today that my interview will be up on 14th October, so I’m now grinning like a loon and looking forward to seeing my contribution!  And who knows, I may even decorate up the house a little in honour of the occasion….