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Go anywhere you source witchcraft/pagan/new age information from – books, internet, podcasts, ebooks (although they probably count under books, yes?) etc; and you’ll find information, rituals and spells that can be done at the full moon.  Or the waxing moon.  The waning moon too.  But if you go in search of something for the dark moon (some call it the new moon, but sadly, all I see is “Twilight” references abounding since those novels came out!), you come across fewer options.  Granted, there are some rituals/spells for that moon phase, but most of them relate to reducing or removing something.  What if you don’t want to or have need to reduce or remove something?  What if all you want to do is acknowledge the moonphase with a ritual?
Or, have you in the course of your information searching, come across the old chestnut of “no ritual or magic at the new moon”?  But deep inside you feel you want to honour this phase as much as you might for the full?

I had this for last night’s dark moon phase.  I thumbed through a range of books from Timothy Roderick to Konstantinos to Christopher Penczak to Dorothy Morrison to Scott Cunningham, (and that’s just listing a few of them!) looking for a simple yet effective ritual that I could share with my Beloved to celebrate the dark moon.
I guess I brought it on myself, having discussed with him the night prior that whilst I did enjoy the full furbellows and bells, books and candles rituals he creates and loves, I personally prefer something simplistic and more ‘Zero to Witch in .05 seconds”.  Something that pulled aspects of from a range of sources and I add my own spice to.   Being the Beloved he is, he decided to then forgo his own planned ritual (yes, with all the bells, books and candles 😀 ) and sprung the idea of my running our ritual.  Phagh!  30 minutes notice, should be a snap!  45 minutes later and I felt it wasn’t.

I’m not a great one for fully creating my own rituals.  I find I get caught up in the mechanics of things, when I’ve found that things I say/create straight from the heart at the moment in time seem to have the better results/effects.   But I also enjoy creating ritual as well – there’s something about having puttered about with and tweaked things for a couple of days that gives me a sense of satisfaction, even if I’ve been driven nuts second guessing if I’m borrowing the right words or whatever from someone more experienced.  Or at least I hope they are and it’s not all just publishing-house hype!

However, I’m sidelined.  Dark Moon ritual.  There’s not many that are simple, not many that don’t involve reduction/removal, not many that don’t suggest simply ignoring the time in favour of meditation, not many that don’t suggest all of the above as well as some divination to be sure you’re doing the right thing.    What to do?!   I think I’ve been given a challenge by the universe on this one.  I’m going to try and create a simple ritual for myself that honours the moonphase, doesn’t include removal/reduction, divination, meditation or ignoration (it’s a word, I used it in a sentence!) and test drive it over a couple of dark moons to see if it works for me.  And others, because I’m going to test-drive it on the Beloved too.  I may even put it up here at Cauldrons and Broomsticks for others to test drive…

Oh, and last night?  I lit a purple candle (we’re saving our black ones for other things), lit some of Jitterbug Perfume’s patchouli incense and incanted this simple thing;

“Hail the dark moon, moon of fresh starts and new beginnings.  May it be so for us.  Way hay.”

and raised my glass of Lift as I bit into a Krispy Kreme donut.  Yes, it lacked a degree of enthusiasm, and a degree of solemnity, but it did what I intended – celebrated the dark moon simply and with enjoyment. 😀