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Cardspot for the week again!

This week I’m using the Songs for the Journey Home by Catherine Cook and Dwariko von Summaruga.

The cards are circular, and the artwork is done in coloured pencil, which is why I’ve bumped up the colours on the photo a bit – they look somewhat blank otherwise!

There are a few minor differences in this deck to the usual tarot decks, in that the suits are renamed Wind, Wave, Flame and Earth.  They pretty much represent the same archetypes as the regular tarot decks though.

The major arcana are referred to as ‘Life Songs’ – meaning that they represent the greater mysteries of life. When we have Life Songs appearing, they are reflecting experiences which resound strongly within us.  They are like the theme songs of our life’s journeys.

The court cards are referred to as ‘Shell Songs’ – the mirrors of the roles (or shells) we play in life. When Shell Songs come up in a reading, they’re indicating areas that we need to become more aware of in ourselves, or of roles we may be acting out which may be undermining or diminishing us.  The court cards are also renamed as Innocence, Awakening, Creating and Resolving; being Page, Knight, Queen and King respectively in regular tarot.  Innocence shares the qualities of water.  Awakening are air, Creating is earth and Resolving fire.  These correlations are in addition to those of the suit that the card is from.

The other minor arcana cards are referred to as ‘Hearth Songs’ – they’re representing the everyday joys, disruptions and self deceptions we have.  They highlight our responses to these.

So, onward!



Monday 13th Feb – The Emperor

Meeting with the Emperor entails facing the ways in which we use power and the beliefs we have about power. 

Do we have a false sense of security about supposedly altruistic people in power?  Perhaps it’s time for a fresh perspective on them and on ourselves.   Sometimes, adhering to group/social norms in order to avoid rocking the boat isn’t what’s needed.  Perhaps there’s more “power” in stepping outside the comfort zone.  Power needs to change hands, to be on the move, to be in the hands of many in order to remain fresh, alive and effective.

Tuesday 14th Feb – Wind Innocence

Here we meet with the delightful, bubbling enthusiasm of a person rich in plans, schemes and ideas, each one seemingly too large and perhaps to fanciful to achieve.

We’re bounding about all the projects we are involved in, encouraging others to take on all the mundane things whilst we have fun flying our kites for all to see and admire as we plan yet more projects and dream big.   Are we perhaps taking unfair advantage of the people we’ve encouraged by doing this?   Whilst we may have a wide circle of friends, can any of them say they truly know us?


 Wednesday 15th Feb – The Star

The star signifies the call from the wise and gentle spirit which lives within each of us.

There is a mystical experience of Balance occurring.  Rather than approaching deity purified of all the “unacceptable” qualities (like jealousy, anger etc), consciously bringing our frailties and failings with us creates a better blended and whole individual.  The physical and metaphysical are integrating.  We may be seemingly alone during our search for “what’s out there”, but we are aware we’re protected.  Our own understanding throws light on the ancient mysteries and knowledge.

Thursday 16th Feb – Wave Songs 7

The water lapping at the edge of the bank becomes a soothing lullaby and the warmth of the late afternoon a soporific.

We want to access our subconscious, and find ways to do so.  Our dreams and desires are being drawn out of hiding and into view.  Possibilities, choices and creativity are all flowering now; however, make sure you are aware of the difference between what you want and what you can realistically achieve.  No point wishing for a lotto win if you don’t buy tickets!  Be decisive and don’t let the good things slip away into hiding again.  But always remember to return from your dreaming/fantasy world and do something concrete to merge aspirations with action.

Friday 17th Feb – Flame Songs 5

The Dreamer comes to you as a reminder to recall and take heed of the messages which come to you in your sleep and those which flit unannounced through your daytime awareness.

Listen with all your senses, messages don’t always come as words!  There is some disruption and discord around us and we need to respond in an intuitive way to avoid feeling like we’re about to be engulfed in the circumstances.  Remain alert and observant.  You are about to have all the source points revealed for the crises that are rocking your world.  You will come through these challenges wiser and stronger.

Saturday 18th Feb – Flame Songs 7

The Great Escape!

How long have you felt powerless in the circumstances around you?  Cut the puppeteer’s strings and be your own person!  The view of how trapped you are is crystal clear, recognise this and take the one or two decisive actions that are needed to break free.  You’ll gain new perspectives and viewpoint as a result.  Remember, you must break free for yourself, not for anyone else.  Ensure all your choices are made in self-respect and understanding.

Sunday 19th Feb – Strength

The mysterious image of Strength has the quality of a transformational dream in which every aspect may be interpreted metaphorically, as a reflection of one’s own true inner nature.

We’re ready to let go of any lingering patterns of conquest and submission, controller and victim from our relationships.  Be willing to be vulnerable, as this indicates true strength and self knowledge.
Consider deepening knowledge in a field relating to health or spiritual well-being.
Be open to love in all forms.  The blessings of the Great Mother are with you, so follow your heart with commitment and dedication.