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Back into the swing of a weekly CardSpot, whoot!  🙂

Last week’s reading was full of creativity and wake-up calls, some of which has occurred.  It depends on if you consider breaking out of a stagnation and getting on with life a creative thing or not as to whether that happened too!  Or maybe, I’m again falling prey to my own inability to read oracles effectively for myself?!

This week, Anna Ferguson’s Legend, The Arthurian Tarot called to me from the shelf, a deck I’ve not used in a while, so this reading was like visiting an old friend. Interestingly, I’ve tended to use this deck more in the last few years for tarot magic/spells, perhaps because it was the first deck I ever bought so it has a stronger energetic charge for me.

The name of the card also includes the legend/Arthurian myth that is associated with the card, they do make wonderful reading and aren’t too difficult to find!  The italicised paragraph is quoted from the meaning of the cards from the deck’s expanded guidebook  A Keeper of Words.   As usual, the picture size meant I had to have Mon, Tue and Wed on the top row, with Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun on the lower…


Tuesday 7th February – Page of Spears, The Hare

Stimulating conversations, the arrival of good things, intellectual development and interaction with society.  A trustworthy, enthusiastic assistant.  A playful, good-humoured friend.  An excitable, positive supporter who leads cheers of approval.  One who is sincerely pleased to bring news of good fortune.

Hare is a transformation animal.   It has some Trickster attributes – like a playful, comedic nature – but it has moved beyond the selfish side of Trickster(s) too.  The lessons of repercussions of actions and understanding the world around you – interaction with the community, whatever form it takes.  Leap forward, interact and learn!


Wednesday 8th February – The Lovers, Gareth & Lyones

The blossoming of a valuable and balanced relationship, intimate though not necessarily sexual.  A dance; a connection on a higher level.  Infatuation.  Mutual understanding and deep emotion.  Harmonious flow of energy lending a sense of ease and comfort.  Trust and free will.  Depending on the neighbouring cards, it may indicate a choice to be made between what is desired and what is acceptable.  The help and support of a lover.

Aww, the romantic in me loves the art of this card…almost as much as the 2 of cups below.  The lovers walk in a forest amongst golden wildflowers, together, but not clinging.  Gareth carries a sword however, as a reminder that even those in love should never forget to protect themselves.  Equal partners who choose each other’s company voluntarily.   A meeting of kindred spirits/souls.  Do not lose yourself in such a relationship, don’t become dependant on the other.


Thursday 9th February – 9 of Cups, The healing of the maimed king

Success.  Accomplishment.  Good health.  Kindness and compassion.  Overcoming obstacles.  Restored peace and happiness.  Gratitude and good will.  Relief and joyous celebrations.  A team, united in vision, makes success a reality.  Sharing blessings with others.  Emotional well-being.  The dawn of dreams.  Great satisfaction in a task well done.

The wasteland was renewed with the healing of the maimed king, and happiness, fertility and joy returned to his kingdom.  A quest embarked on with friends nears its end.  Drink from the grail and understand the ways of the mystery, facilitate healing as a result.
Friday 10th February – The Universe, The Giants’ Dance

Liberation.  The attainment of a long-sought goal.  The culmination of events, efforts and experiences from the past.  Completing a task with honours.  Triumph and prosperity.  Winning the admiration of others.  Attainment bringing change that still retains stability.  Security and assurance.  Synthesis brings a sense of peace and wholeness.  May refer to travel, a new home, or graduation.  The ability to direct one’s life.  Confidence, success and lasting happiness.

Celebrate life!  Every time I see this card, I hear Peter Gabriel’s “Salisbury Hill” in my head.  Dance with life (another song, this time by Bryan Ferry), dance the Path of Blessing, finding harmony with the energies that move with, through and in you.  Relinquish the need for control.  Reconnect with the ancient lines and ways to repair the fragmentation in life.


Saturday 11th February – 2 of Cups, Tristram & Isolt

Love.  Union.  Rapport.  The forming of strong emotional bonds.  Mutual understanding and sympathy.  The sharing of a common experience.  Joy and contentment.  Confiding in another.  Emotional stability within a romantic relationship.  A harmonious domestic life.  The beginning of a trusted partnership.  Pleasure and comfort.  Can indicate falling in love, engagement or marriage.

A potion sealed the fated love of Tristram and Isolt.  Sometimes, love comes by accident and it can push aside problems to achieve its ends.  A messenger is more important than their message.   Trust only the evidence of your own seeing/hearing, others may have their own agenda for giving you bad news.


Sunday 12th February – 6 of Shields, Castle of Maidens

Generosity and kindness.  Receiving help from others.  A sense of relief as a burden is lifted from one’s shoulders.  An improvement in circumstances.  Receiving a gift.  Material gain.  Sympathetic and supportive friends.  Charitable acts.  Sharing one’s knowledge and experience.  Sharing good fortune.  A windfall.  Gratitude.  Lucrative business transactions.

Galahad restores the castle to its rightful heiress.   A long time of struggle is over, a return to their old ways will come.  You have hidden, but known, support.  Fears laid to rest and all is as it should be once more.


Monday 14th February – Knight of Swords, Gawain

A determined, intelligent young man.  One who bravely faces opposition.  A valiant champion of human rights.  A skilled man with strong convictions.  One who may be overeager to display heroics which cause im to misjudge the situation.  A forthright person who refuses to compromise his principles.

Gawain was considered the champion of women/ ‘Knight of the Goddess’, and endowed with supernatural strength that increased with the height of the sun.   The fae send their best for protection.  On the day of lovers, reflect on the love you have for another and the love of  The One who guides you.  Find the similarities and the differences, and accept both as facets of the same jewel.


Looks like being an interesting week!