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Another week, another CardSpot!  Even my Beloved has picked up on the idea of a weekly read and blog about it, only he gets his posted before me as he’s got to plan around his workday LOL!

This week’s deck is Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle.  This is the deck that I like to work with when I need a no-nonsense kind of reading – an oracular kick in the pants if you like – or I am operating at less than my best and then it’s clear responses or else!

So, without further ado…and as with last week’s photo, Mon, Tue, Wed are in the top layer, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun are in the lower.  (I either need to use smaller cards or get a bigger camera)



Monday 30th January – O! That Gnome

Keywords: Trickster, creative chaos, wild gifts, breaking habits and patterns.

Ah, the trickster of the bunch shows up!  The master of chaos!  However, from chaos can come creativity.  That Gnome showing up here is interesting, if you look at the card for Sunday, Penelope Dreamweaver, she’s all about creativity.
Leap into the air, and see where you land; a leap of faith.  TG is telling us the forces of chaos are at work, things may not be as they seem and that’s a good thing.  Probably.  Find the opportunity in the unexpected and carpe diem.  TG tells a rollicking tale, full of arm waving and head wagging, but keep close eye on what’s truth and what’s fiction for the sake of friction.  No matter how bad things may seem, there’s a creative way to make them better, just thing outside the box.

Tuesday 31st January – Undressing of a Salad

Keywords: Balance, avoiding extremes, achieving the impossible, being impossible.

Ah, so many balls in the air, the art is to keep them all balanced and moving!  Dressing a salad is combining different ingredients to make a tasty whole, but undressing a salad takes considerably more skill!
Things are in motion and the outcome is impossible to fathom.  Keep a cool head in dealings and be ready to move in whichever direction is appropriate.   Beware of those who are determined to turn good luck into bad luck for you.  Stay balanced, focussed and you’ll be OK.

Wednesday 1st February – Luathas the Wild

Keywords: Haste, impulsiveness, fire, spontaneity, balance

Luathas is filled with fire, and it’s fire that’s associated with creativity.  There’s a lot of that being pointed to in this reading…
Wild, creative energies are being brought into play, energising and firing things up.  Think and act creatively, the energy is there to do so.  Remember though that old ideas and approaches won’t work, try some of those new ones that That Gnome showed you.  Luathas is also cheering for you to seize the day!  Just don’t let Luathas have control of the accelerator or your schedule.  His motto is “faster, faster, faster!”

Thursday 2nd February – Indi

Keywords: Indecision, wishy-washing, commitment, decision making.

Poor Indi, can’t decide one way or another, if he had more information, some kind of guarantee of the outcome he might, but…
Decision time is here.  Time to make up your mind and stick to your commitments.  Set a definite timeframe for this and give yourself time to put the decision into action before it’s too late.  Gather information, weigh it, consider it, ponder it.  The answer will fall into place, trust it and carry it through.  Just ask for help, it will be willingly given.


Friday 3rd February – Ffaff the Ffooter (reversed)

Keywords: Being real, earthing, grounding, centering.

Just as life gets surprising and very interesting (but not necessarily fun), along comes FFaff.  He’s here to check our connections to earth and our centre, this faerie fungi inspector likes to leave us with both feet in mid air!
Come on back to earth!  Stop floating off in your own soap bubble, you’re unreachable.  Stay grounded, it’s safer. Or find a better way to fly.   Be cautious of those who draw their energy from others around them or interacting with them rather than from Source.  Don’t sell yourself short in either decisions, actions or words.


Saturday 4th February – Honesty (reversed)

Keywords: Honesty, compassion, tact, self-deceit.

Such big eyes Honesty has, all the better to see the true you with.  He also sees where Honesty becomes trodden underfoot and removes the shoes of those doing so.
We’re being asked if we’re truly honest with ourselves right now.  Take a look at your attitudes and beliefs, especially if there’s an emotional involvement.  Uncomplicate your life by finding an objective, clear-sighted view from either yourself or someone else and take a look at where you might be being unfair to yourself.  Don’t second guess decisions made and acted on if you acted on instinct.


Sunday 5th February – Penelope Dreamweaver (reversed)

Keywords: Inspiration, magical dreams, visions

Weaver of dreams, bringer of visions, muse of artists!
You’re feeling like your creativity is blocked somehow, or even that it’s dead.  Stop trying so hard, and spend time doing things that renew and inspire you.  Allow yourself to be creative, in whichever medium you use.  Creativity is vital to maintain sanity, as is humour – can you combine them both?   Alternatively, have you been ignoring your inspiration, your muse?  This can bring its own range of problems you know.  Perhaps someone in a state of denial or blocking is also discouraging us from being creative, if so, disregard this influence and just get on with it!  Instead of whining about the “unfairness” of life, do something about it.  Create change.



Oy, it’s going to be one of “THOSE” weeks.  By virtue of the chaos going on, creation is inspired, so long as I keep myself balanced and calm and don’t second-guess or sell myself short on my actions/decisions etc.  Oh and I really should paint my toenails to remind myself to keep my feet firmly on the ground.  🙂