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It’s been a while since I did a CardSpot, I’ll freely admit I got lazy and unmotivated.  But having seen Mr U pulling cards, photographing them and then posting them on his blog, I got the urge to pull a card from his deck and do the same.  (Yes, that pun was dreadful, but it works…somehow…)

Anyway, I’m now going to do a single card for each day of the upcoming week rather than my previous “three cards and figure it out from there” method, and given that Tuesday next week is the first day of the Year of the Dragon, you’ll see why I’m blinking a little at the card for that day!

The deck I’ve used for this week is The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.  As I’m not so clever at putting them in a photo in a line like Mr U is, I’ve put the first 3 days along the top row, the following 4 days along the bottom.

So, here we go, the first CardSpot for 2012!




Wednesday 18th January

The Hawk (animal guides of Avalon)

Keywords: omens, messages

A message is coming about your quest, perhaps from a friend in a phone call, perhaps from nature or even a literal case of writing on the wall.  Listen for the message(s) that life has to share.  Learn.


Thursday 19th January

Fear (sacred journey markers)

Identify how fear is affecting your journey; in the past, present and future.  What are you afraid of – success, loss, failure?  Is any of this fear valid – is there real evidence of adversity or trouble or are you jumping at shadows?  Fear cripples you and can lead to a disconnection from The Divine and what you hold as truth.  They never give you more than you can handle.  Don’t struggle with fear, look at its deepest level and shine a clarifying light to guide yourself out of it.   Transformation.


Friday 20th January

The Wasp (animal guides of Avalon)

Keywords: anger, retaliation, jealousy

Be conscious of how you react to events around you.  Don’t waste your sting on a petty quarrel.  Are you perhaps jealous or envious or the victim of someone who is?   Mind your own business today and save your energy for a life and death situation.  Whatever it is that stings you is likely to be smaller than you perceive and not worth getting overly ‘fired up’ about.   However, if you feel the sting of the wasp, be smart and swat it away!  Protect yourself.


Saturday 21st January

Joy (sacred journey markers)

Celebrate!  You have completed something, be it a project, a quest, a challenge, a journey.  You will find what you need when you need it.  Share the joy – it creates its own celebration in essence after all.   Blessings and happiness.


Sunday 22nd January

The Deer (animal guides of Avalon)

Keywords: gentleness, diplomacy

Step lightly on the path, this is a time where gentle movement and diplomacy are required.  Gentleness has its own strength, never mistake it for weakness.  Be gentle with yourself as well.  Walk softly and your way forward will be smooth.


Monday 23rd January

The Queen (messengers of Avalon)

Keywords: woman, fertility, feminine power, sexuality, friendships

The Queen summons you to bestow her gifts so you can revel in the beauty of life.  She reminds you of the importance of self-esteem, self-worth and holding your head high.  Set boundaries with gentle authority but try not to isolate yourself.  Delegate authority if necessary.  Find your inner Queen and ask for what you need now.  Are you having fun?  Take the time to do so if you’re not!  Read a good book with a cup of tea, make plans with friends.  Look after yourself and nurture your friendships.  A wise Queen knows she needs allies in the world and along the journey.


Tuesday 24th January

The Dragon (animal guides of Avalon)

Keywords: power, strength

The dragon offers you it’s power and strength to protect and fortify you on this stage of your journey.  True power however is not found within your personality or ego, but comes from deep within your soul.  Call on dragon and you will find a vast resource to strengthen your resolve; through morality, integrity and purpose.  True strength is found within.