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Starship Home by the Sea, Captain’s Log;  Stardates Solstice to Befana:

Well, the Silly Season is beyond us now, but like all people with PhDs in Procrastination and Dithering (OK, so maybe I’m the only one with those?) we left things till now to tidy up.  The Ent that Came to Christmas decamped today, leaving little more than a sprinkling of faux needles and random sparkles of glitter.    Here’s the round up of Christmas, New Year and my birthday, all in one blog, with pictures.

Summer Solstice – became a soggy evening, with prior warning from a green frog who decided it liked sitting on Mr U’s outdoor chair.

Christmas Eve – up before dawn, with me wishing Mr U a good day at work at the unfair hour of  o-five-thirty-hours.  What’s the O stand for you ask?  – “Oh what an ungodly hour of the morning to be awake!” (Thanks for that one Melody!)  He was home by late afternoon after braving the local supermarket for a loaf of bread and we settled in to do the Christmas Dinner process/eating that evening.  Chicken Caesar Salad indulged in and then we hit the cheeseboard whilst watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on the TV.  Stop laughing, I like men in kilts playing bagpipes and he is a long-suffering tolerator of his wife’s fascination.  Which is a good thing or he’d divorce me due to Sir Sean Connery (more about him in a little while).

Christmas Day – dawned rather too early for us as one lot of our neighbours were feeding our pool envy at 8am with their children; no doubt to exhaust them before their family arrived with gifts and treats and sugary things that make children behave like kangaroos on crack!  But all things considered, hearing them laughing was the perfect antidote to the other neighbours who were cussing, swearing and yelling at each other loud enough to be heard throughout the area from 7am.  Yeah.  Merry Christmas people!

So, to a background of children’s giggles and their Daddy playing crocodile, we went stocking unstuffing and then headed into the living room for the gifts that were a little outside the definition of “stocking stuffers”.
We followed this with a slap-up cooked breakfast, complete with snowman shaped pancakes.

I don’t know about Mr U, but eating was the last thing on my mind when I waved him goodbye on his way to work in the early afternoon.  My afternoon consisted of paying our telecoms bill, covetously declaring to the empty house “Mine, mine!” as I continued to explore my scrapbooking gifts and yummy scented lotion and soap, topped off with some time reading. 

Boxing Day – Mr U worked, I hung about the house like a Christmas icicle.  Nothing further to report.

28 December – Mr U surprised me with an “advance of birthday gift” because he decided it was both too big to wrap nicely and too challenging to hide effectively.  Goodie, I have somewhere to store the beginnings of my scrapbooking paraphernalia!

Onward to 2012, what!

New Years Eve – Repeat the chorus of “Oh what an ungodly hour of the morning to be awake!” at o-four-thirty.  Mr U returned mid afternoon, and we kind of hung about like baubles for a while before deciding that a 9pm bedtime suited us.  Yup, we didn’t see midnight!  The reason for this lack of festivity becomes clear in a moment…

New Years Day – “Oh what an ungodly hour of the morning to be awake!” at 0430hrs again.  More reading and decoration impressions.  Nothing further to report due to this half of the crew spending a large portion of the day asleep due to a range of too much good food, waking up courtesy of muggy nights and partying neighbours and simple “read 5 books this week, can’t face turning another page damn it!” attack.  Resistance was futile, I was assimilated.

January 5th – Whoot, Mr U wasn’t working this year!  Cute card and scored a gift card for a local craft shop, which demanded spending that very day.  So, since we were heading into Tweed for our fortnightly grocery trip anyway, I dragged poor Mr U along with me.
“You’re kidding me, right?” he demands as I grab one of those handy little shopping baskets with a trolley handle and wheels.  He soon found out I wasn’t,  Mwhahahaha!  Spent the gift card plus a little more, and feeling decidedly spoiled, headed to the Aldi.  Meandering around, thinking that the short list this time was a good thing with us heading out to the Pagan Summer Gathering soon, I was spoiled again when a set of circle & oval cutters as well as some coloured paper reams wound up in the cart.  Given that the cutters were double the price at the craft shop, I couldn’t (and why would I anyway?!) argue.  Thank you yet again Aldi.  It almost makes up for the Christmas Tree let down! 😀

Now, about Sean Connery…Mr U and I are Facebookers, and ironically enough, Mr U found an image of Sir Sean that he thought witty to commemorate my 41st natal day;

Out to dinner at the local Indian restaurant, where we both demolished split curries and rice with perfectly crispy poppadoms and incredibly good naan.  The curries were good too!

Mr U did his usual “I’ll take a portrait!” photo trick, and I managed to not look too goofy – I’ve only had cola to drink, honest! 

Maybe because I was sharing it with cupid had something to do with the eye-opening tribal dance Mr U performed on our return to Starbase One…