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Happy CardSpot everyone!  😀

Still with the Songs for the Journey Home oracle deck and today’s cards were:


Wave Awakening

The imagery is simple enough, a male diving into an oncoming wave, made up of a range of colours aside from the usual blues and greens you’d expect from the ocean.  Since this is an Awakening card, it equates to the Knights in a traditional tarot deck, making them representative of the highly charged, potentially zealous and rigid enthusiasms that seem to associate with adolescence.

To me, it seems to symbolise diving into something new, a new project, a new life, anything that requires change in your thinking, behaviour or life overall.  Looking at the size of the wave, it’s a dive requiring a degree of bravery or courage as well.  But a clean and easy dive will get you past the breakers and into the calmer waters.  Waves and water are representing the emotions, so perhaps it’s love, or perhaps it’s an emotional healing you need?

The guidebook says that this card is all about diving into love and lust, repeatedly.  It’s all about the search, the chase, the fascination that the first flush of attraction/love holds.  But, when the passion fades, the other partner is left wondering “What have I done?”  What’s done is that you have allowed yourself to become known, real, wholly human and no longer the fantasy that is slightly out of reach and distant.  Both have to ‘play the game’ for things to continue on.  Wave Awakening makes a charming and romantic companion – initially – but there’s true warmth missing from the relationship.
If you are embracing the qualities of Wave Awakening in life, you are finding an empty feeling inside but regardless, you fear commitment.  You are in love with being in love.  But, falling in love with a real and fallible person can give you an unforgettable insight that changes your understanding of love long term.


The Fool

Ah, the Fool!  The innocent about to embark on a great journey.  There are no preconceptions, no plans, just a leap of faith onto the winding road ahead.  The Fool is instinctively aware of life, nature and all things around them and they are experiencing them much as a young child would; with wonder and enthusiasm.
Most of us keep our Fool hidden away, for whichever reasons, and only let them out in those times when we’re sure we’re alone, or if we’ve had a few drinks.  Singing in the shower, dancing with the vacuum cleaner, the witty raconteur when we have 2 drinks on board; all are our Fool being allowed out to play.  Reclaim your inner child!
It’s time to step out from behind the labels and masks we wear, surprise others and yourself by finding the wonder in what you do.  Take a risk – it doesn’t have to be life-threatening or awesome – and enjoy the thrill, the rush it brings.   Love lets the Fool run free!


Wind Songs 7

The image is a sad one, to my mind.  A child hides in a cubby, head buried in their arms, feeling unbelieved, unloved and lied to.  Their kite and their aeroplane lie on the ground beside them, brought down from the air by hurt.  There’s a magpie in the window above the cubby, holding a golden ring in it’s beak, whilst a nest in the tree outside the window has eggs and a newly-hatched cuckoo chick.
Are you creating or continuing patterns of deceit and misrepresentation?  Do you feel honesty doesn’t pay?  The nature of this beast is it’s self-perpetuating ability – the more you fake it, the more you have to keep faking it.  And remembering who you have told what to.  But, the lessons unlearned will continue to appear in your life, eventually forcing you to step up and learn.  It’s not the time to pussy-foot about – and it doesn’t feel comfortable to do so anymore anyway.  Stop the snowballing effects of evasion!
Also, this image might well mean that you are continually being ostracised for saying what you think and feel.  Gossip is more often condoned than honesty.  In this case, it’s time to retreat to the cave of the High Priestess or to the edge of the Hermit’s pool until clarity and resolve come to you in their silent and healing way.


Overall?  I’m going out on a limb (A little like The Fool?!) and say that somewhere along the way, there’s a change afoot that requires a courageous dive/leap right into the middle of it.  Don’t loose sight of the humour and wonder of such a leap, and keep a sense of “it’s going to be OK” all the way along the journey.  If you’re tempted to embellish things, or misrepresent anything, reconsider.  Better to make it clear at the outset that you are honest and don’t indulge in idle chatter than to run circles around yourself to try to meet “acceptable” gossip requirements.  In the end, it’s all about living with yourself.  Will you be the sad child all alone in the cubby, or will you be an enthusiastic, honest individual?