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Time for a change of oracle!  This week, I’ve picked up my favourite deck of cards, Songs for the Journey Home by Catherine Cook & Dwariko von Sommaruga (Alchemists & Artists).  It’s a round deck, and they’re more a pathway using imagery style deck than the classic tarot.  They have a New Zealand thematic, and the art is done in coloured pencils rather than painted etc, making them, to me, much easier to “fall into” when reading them.

So, shuffling them in my usual manner, I ended up with the ‘volunteer’ cards method of drawing again.  (You know, the one where the card drops to the floor, the table, your lap etc as if volunteering!).  The three that landed on my lap are below.  The pictures however aren’t the art or the card art, it’s just that our scanner/printer has issues and I’m pretty sure that using the actual card imagery is a breach of copyright anyway!



Litha Flame 2010 (copyright Darrell & Charlotte Undery, 2010)

Flame Awakening

This card is one of the “Shell Songs” – which correlate to the Court cards of a traditional tarot deck.  The shell songs are so named as they represent the outer roles we all take on in our experiences of life.  Awakening = Knights in translation to traditional for the record.  The traditional suits of Wands, Cups, Spears/Swords and Shields/Pentagrams have become the elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth respectively in Songs.   So, we have the Knight of Fire as our first volunteer!

The card imagery is of a male, standing in front of a range of doors partially opened.  A range of choices and rooms to enter and just above the ceiling level, there’s a lovely view of mountains bathed in moonlight.  But he sees only the immediate things illuminated by the hard light of the bright light bulb as it obliterates the moonlight’s softness.  This is a person who’s finding/found knowledge and they’re soaking it up like a sponge, from all sources and people possible.  The card can signify the beginning of a new career or study programme.  The person in the card thinks that all he has to do to conquer the unknown is to apply himself to hard work and research…but, he’s discovering that for each known, there’s a fascinating unknown with it.  By continuing to be open to the glimmerings of mystery, an arrival at a place where questions cannot be answered will soon be reached.  THEN true contemplation and meditation – and learning – begin.



Wave Songs 10

This card equates to the 10 of Cups in a traditional deck.  The art is of ten pairs of swans, heads together to form a heart-shaped avenue as they float on a lily pond.  There’s a golden egg and a silver egg in front of the first pair of swans.  Transformation/new birth is opening up through strength of love in your life.  The rebirth/transformation could be in any area, so don’t dismiss something because it doesn’t meet your perceived “requirements”.
The two eggs represent a union of two separate individuals that’s found the inherent potential in each partner.  Purpose and destiny are refining and evolving and the mutable and abiding love touches the lives of many.



Wheel of Fortune

The traditional Major Arcana card 10.   There’s a lot of art going on in this card, but the imagery is peppered with allegory.   The centre of the card has a stylised Third Eye image, with a radiating mandala.

The Wheel of Fortune encourages us to step back and asses our experiences and recognise how they shape patterns in our lives, thoughts or beliefs.   Take a look centrally rather than around the periphery to make a difference in well-being.  Our centre of being doesn’t change, but it remains power-filled and dormant until we learn to tap into it.  Once we tap into it, we will have a fleeting contact and say “I’ve changed so much!”  It’s not change, it’s the removing of one of the many masks/roles we play for others.  As we continue to operate from within the non-reactive awareness at the centre, we lose our conditioned response to events, people, things and create tranquillity for ourselves.  This allows us to live with and in tranquillity even when all around us is spinning like a merry-go-round in the park!



All three cards can represent a beginning in some way or other – Flame Awakening = new job, study path etc.  Wave Songs 10 = transformation/rebirth.  Wheel of Fortune = the wheel turns and we find ourselves in different situations needing different skills, education, knowledge and help to figure them out.
Don’t lose sight of the mysteries of life, transform one or more aspects of your life and find inner tranquillity.   Life is looking up!