Sometimes, I am serious about my pagan practice.  Others, I like to add a dash of laughter to it…


Ah, cartoons.  And the resultant lunacy they can inspire!  Take a look at this one, seen on a friend’s facebook page this week:


Beloved hubby also saw it, and within minutes, we were running madly with the use of “words of power” when working magic.  We have some great and insightful discussions we do, and other times we just go nuts.  This was one of those times…

“Hey, what was that show with the four flatmates?  You know, the one where they lived in an absolute dump of a place…” hubby asks randomly partway through the discussion. (Yes, he muses randomly too! :D)

“Narrow it down for me please, my brain isn’t what it used to be you know.”  I’m sure he’s going somewhere with the question, so I request details.

“Late 80’s, early 90’s, British comedy.  Had those guys from ‘Bottom’ and all those comedies in it.   Isn’t one of them married to Dawn French too?”

“Ah.  ‘The Young Ones‘.”  Sometimes my brain finds information with minimal cryptic clues, thankfully.  “And it’s Lenny Henry that’s married to Dawn French.  You’re thinking of Jennifer Saunders who’s married to Adrian Edmonson, who played the role of Vyv the punk in the series.”

“Whomever.  Picture them doing witchcraft around a cauldron…”

Ah, we’re back to the gist of the original discussion, but I’m a little bemused by the image now in my mind’s eye.  It’s not helped by the character of Neil wearing as much tie-dye as he can, including a pointy hat in a rainbow of coloured starbursts.

“Yeah, I saw Neil in tie-dye too.  But anyway, picture them all around a cauldron, having been instructed by the weird book that they found under the stairs to say the most powerful word they can come up with as they add their ingredient to the brew bubbling away.  Up steps the bodgie guy…”

“Mike”  I supply.  “And who’s to say that the book wasn’t given to them by Neil’s hippy friends Warlock or Stonehenge?”  I also feel impelled to add.  The baffled look once more underscored heavily the age-gap between dear hubby and I.  Clearly I’ve watched the show more than he’s had the chance to yet!

“…and he drops his ingredient into the cauldron and says ‘Abracadabra’ before stepping aside for the next one.  Up steps the punk…”

“Vyv.”  I opted to keep things simple from here on.

“Thanks.  Vyv, and chucks in something.  He says ‘KAPOW!’ loudly.  Next one…”


“…Rick steps up and gives the cauldron a funny look before he drops his ingredient in.  He’s decided to say ‘Whammo!’.  Now Neil the hippie slopes up and looks morosely at the others and the cauldron.  He sighs heavily and drops his ingredient in.  ‘Plop’ is his word.  He gets filthy looks and comments from the others and he explains it as ‘Wot?!  You guys used all the heavy words, and it did make a plop sound!'”

All I can think of is an episode title – “Emo Witch”