Another week, another CardSpot!  Still using the Sacred Scarabs, and am starting to consider what next month’s oracle or cards might be.  I’ve done fairies and now scarabs…might be time for some good old fashioned tarot?!

Anyhoo; today’s scarabs are:




Union of Isis and Osiris

This scarab indicates the essential polarity between Isis and Osiris as well as implying all aspects of union; physical, alchemical and divine.  Culmination and balance are represented in their dynamic rather than static/still form.
Isis and Osiris are fairly unique amongst divine couples in that they genuinely love each other (as compared with Hera and Zeus for example!).  Talk about the divine archetype of a happy marriage!  There’s some debate as to whether their union was originally supposed to actually be – Osiris was meant to marry Nephthys and Isis was for Set – so they can also represent a kind of forbidden yet destined love.
Together, Isis and Osiris defined Egyptian civilisation by abolishing cannibalism, creating laws, taught skills and arts and provided an example of a union that was solid and supportive of each other.


Yup, again!  Clearly, I have to either formulate an actual question beyond “what’s the message for this week?” or accept that no matter what message I get, it’s going to take time and be in a riddle!


You know that moment when you realise that something’s going on?  I got that when I pulled this scarab from the bag.

Nephthys is Isis’ shadow sister, the dark to Isis’ light.  She wasn’t happy in her marriage to Set, making that relationship the polar opposite of Isis and Osiris too.  Over time though, Nephthys finds her strength and defies Set, allying herself with Isis to assist in the resurrection of Osiris.  In doing so, she frees herself, redeems her past actions/behaviours and finds a balance in her own right as a Goddess of the between times such as twilight, the dark of the moon, eclipses, the underworld and the maker of dreams.  She can represent young women – especially those who are single or are unhappy in their relationship.
The Nephthys scarab, as with any of the deity scarabs, may indicate that there’s an element of fulfilling or interacting with the myths associated with them.  It can also indicate or herald a time of transition, from one area of life/work/love etc to another.  In a love or health situation, this scarab indicates a difficult outcome but if it’s balanced and equated by Isis, the influence will be more positive. (You see why I felt something was up now?!)

So, from all this what do I get?  Balance.  Lots and truckloads of balance.  Things that may well have been all cattiwhumpus in the past are now re-aligning and balancing.  It fits with the time of year, so close to the equinox; also a time of cosmic balance.  It’s been a long time coming (Sphinx again!) but it’s happening.  There’s forces at work here that I don’t completely understand, but to put it in “New Age” speak – the Universe is moving and you’d better not argue with it!  Oh, and since it’s Beltane in a few weeks time, a little divine unioning is wholly acceptable.  😉