Another week, another CardSpot 😀  Again, I’m working with Sacred Scarabs, primarily because I’ve got a yen for ancient Egyptian currently!  I have to stop watching all those “Ancient Egypt” documentaries and re-runs of “The Mummy” perhaps?

This week’s Scarabs were as follows:

Solar Barque of Ra

The energy of the sun and the powers of Amon-Ra are represented by this scarab.  It’s also a symbol for the ‘oneness’ behind all deities of humanity.  Sometimes this scarab can mean travel either by sea or air.  At other times, change(s).  Either way, it’s always a positive.   It’s also representative of charismatic individuals/celebrities, people in authority (such as employers or parents) and the like.

The Temple

I hear you on this one too – “another repeated scarab!  What is it with this chick?!”  I wish I knew…Anyhoo, much as last time;
1. A time of ‘temple service’ – esoteric duty time.  It won’t be a long thing, if taken in the context of the usual Egyptian temple service being one month out of every three or four before returning to everyday life.
2. ‘Sacred enclosures’ such as home or workplace need to be examined to ensure that you’re looking at the spiritual as well as the everyday aspects of things.
3. It may be a reminder to take a break and focus on your soul/spirit.  Work to live, not live to work.
4.  Temple can also represent established organisations (companies, churches, schools etc).  Either interacting with such an organisation or forming one.
5. Sacred Space is declared as soon as you enter therein.  Enclosed in the care/arms of deity.

Hequt the Frog

Heqet the frog goddess is a symbol of fertility, birth and magic.  She was a helpful goddess during childbirth/labour, as she was believed to accelerate the final stages, making it easier.  Frogs are like the advance scouts for the annual rising of the Nile, warning of the coming floods; so they were considered lucky.
Heqet’s name contains the word heka which means ‘magic’.  Are there links between that and the modern word ‘hex’ perhaps?

From this reading?  *throwing my hands in the air*  I’m going with my gut big time now:  Change is a-foot but luckily it’s a good kind of change and it might even involve travel of some kind.  Wherever we’re going, it’s a place of sanctity, safety and sacredness (OMG, the nuns are finally going to make me live up to my teenaged plan to become one of them!)  There’s going to be lots of things going on, maybe happy families, maybe a little magic, but all in all, things are looking positive and the only way is up!