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Forgive me, it’s been nearly a month since my last confession CardSpot.  I have no excuses, no reasons, I just didn’t feel like posting the readings I did do.  Perhaps because the cards I used didn’t seem to “work” for the purpose, or perhaps simply because I was lazy.  I’m putting my money on lazy to be frank LOL!

So anyway, another month (nearly gone) and it’s time for something different to the fairy cards I was using.  And I think I’ve got as different as I can in chosing to use Sacred Scarabs, for divination and personal power by DeTraci Regula & Kerigwen.  I suppose a good description for this oracle is a form of Egyptian runes. They’re all carved on the underside of a polymer clay scarab beetle, hence the name.  I like this set that the hubby has, they’re a wonderful shade of blue with gold to highlight the runes/images.  They make interesting wax seals too.

I pulled 3 scarabs, and didn’t read them fairy style (YAY!).  In fact, I didn’t have a particular question in mind at all really, and they knew it…



The Sphinx has been a symbol of mystery for almost as long as it’s been around really. The Greeks saw it as a symbol of knowledge.   There’s the legend of the riddle of the Sphinx – “What walks on four legs in the morning, two at noon and three at evening?”, with the answer being humanity (crawling as a baby, walking as an adult and supported by a cane in old age).  In this case, the Sphinx is asking another question; “Do you know the question you should be asking?”  Sometimes, you need to let sleeping dogs lie – or sleeping Sphinxes in this case.  There’s no answer available or revealable, or maybe I just need to ask the right question…or any question…




The Shen

The symbol of eternity, endless cycles, the travel of the sun across the sky on continual loop.  The shen is a visual representation of a binding knot, and as such protected whatever was put in it.   A cartouche with a royal name is simply the name surrounded by an elongated shen, protecting the name via the knot and the divine energies of the sacred papyrus that formed the original rope that formed the shen-knot.  They were used as funerary amulets for protection for the everyday people as well, so it wasn’t just the royals who had divine protection on their final journey.  The presence of this scarab in a reading usually means there’s some kind of delayed outcome involved, particularly when you take into account that the shen symbol was also used to represent the concept of 10 million to the ancient Egyptians.


Anupu the Jackal

Another name for Anubis, Anupu is the guide of not just the dead but those astrally travelling, dreaming and those who are on the threshold of some kind of initiation.  He guides the soul to the underworld, either to return to the world of the living or perhaps not…
It’s time to pay attention to dreams or actively ask for help from dreams to solve/approach a problem.  Anupu leads us to new knowledge and is a strong protector for our body and our spirit.



All up?  There’s protection in spades for whatever dreaming/seeking being done.  Look for the answers in dreams to your questions, but make a point of actually asking the right questions or the answers you get will be riddles and enigmatic enough to drive you nuts!  🙂  Oh, and be prepared to be patient, it’s going to take a little more time to get the answers.