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The date is wrong on this post, I did actually draw the cards on 28th August, but due to a severe bout of “Oops, I shut down the computer before I wrote CardSpot again!”  it’s not being posted until today.    Never mind, these things happen!

I’m still working with Selina Fenech’s fairy collective of cards, The Fairy Oracle, The Fairy Philosophies and The Fairy Guidance decks, but I think I’ll change to another deck next week, seeing as it’s a new month.  And not everyone’s cup of tea is Fairies!

The cards this time (as usual, in Fairy Order) are:  Adventure, Excitement and Strength.


Be bold, daring, confident, and a little mischievous and innocent.  Take the challenge and embrace life.

The artwork on here isn’t quite what I personally would associate with ‘adventure’.  A cute baby fairy, seated on a mushroom, surrounded by fluttering butterflies.  Baby’s wings are magenta and green, the mushroom is a blue/purple shade.  The butterflies are pink and blue and there’s a twining floral vine with 5-petalled pink flowers.  But, babies are considered to be innocent and at times mischievous I suppose!  I’m having trouble with the message and the art combo on this card, so I may have to set it into my subconscious to meditate on more for understanding…


A journey, a celebration, love, or ambition, keep running towards your dreams, they are close by!

This artwork seems to fit better with the message in my opinion.  There’s 3 fairies running towards something on a starlit night.  The lead fairy is looking back as if to ensure the others are keeping up OK, and fairies 2 and 3 are hand in hand, supporting each other.  I get the message here; ‘don’t stop striving for your goals, you’re close to attaining them.’   The thing is, I’m not aware of which of my goals it is!  I guess I’ll find out when I get there!  🙂


With the opposite message of Weakness.  The artwork on this one is a fairy sitting in front of a Greenman.  She’s looking off into the distance on her right at something.  The Greenman is looking directly out of the card at the viewer.  I’m sure the point that the fairy is effectively naked relates to not needing protection/armour/clothing as armour, but as usual, I’m open to correction.  If I compare this card to the usual Strength imagery on standard Tarot decks (a young woman with a lion) I can see leonine aspects in the Greenman, and the fairy could well equate to the young woman.  But these aren’t a standard Tarot deck…

So, working the trio together gives me: Grab life by the cojones and live my dream.  It will take strength and courage to do it, but doesn’t everything worth having in life?