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Well, another week gone by, and it’s again time for CardSpot!  This week, I’m still working with Selina Fenech’s fairy collective of cards, The Fairy Oracle, The Fairy Philosophies and The Fairy Guidance decks.  Only I could try to get one cohesive message from three decks…although they are all by the same artist and all on the same thematic I guess!

Today’s three cards, again in fairy order (ie: reversed of how I pulled them) are:  Playful, Truth, and Happiness.



Relax, be playful, take a few risks and enjoy life for the moment, let go of any hurt or anger and move on.

The artwork on this card includes one of my favourite creatures; a dragon.  And when he’s also created in my favourite colour – blue – we’re onto a winner for me to like the image.  Which I do and I don’t.  Perhaps it’s the fairy lying back on the dragon’s head with her legs in the air (it’s really not as adult an image as it sounds!) and a provocative smile on her face that makes me frown a little?  The dragon is looking at something to the left of the artwork, and the fairy is looking right out at the reader, so perhaps it’s that “I see you and I’m tring to make a point to YOU” aspect instead?  But that’s no surprise really, I’m not the most playful of people!

With the upside down of ‘Lies’ above the artwork – have to love these Fairy Guidance cards, you get a succinct word that is the indicator either way you look at the card.
This artwork is a mermaid – or is she a siren – atop a rock, seemingly basking in the full moon’s glow.  I wonder if she’s a siren on grounds that she seems very aware of herself and the image she presents, despite her not actually looking out of the card.  She’s all sinous lines and curves, with purple tail and dark hair.  There’s a skull on one of the ledges in the rock she’s on too, hinting perhaps at the ancient myths of sirens luring sailors to their doom on the rocks.  The overwhelming impression I get from this card though is ‘all is not as it seems’.


In your journey for happiness, do not forget it is also found along the way.  Take joy in all of lifes ups and downs.

This is another aquatic artwork, of a mermaid (definitely sure of it for this one), looking out at the reader with a friendly expression.  Her tail is green/white and her hair is dark brown.  She’s surrounded by blue/green water and air bubbles – bubbles of happiness maybe?  It’s rather a fitting correlation of oceanic with life’s ups and downs, since the ocean has it’s ups and downs in both tides and waves.

So, putting them altogether, I’m going to run with the idea that a large chunk of the message relates to several situations that have occurred in life over the last year or so, each having a large effect on my happiness (or lack thereof).  Each has had a component of truth or falsity involved as well.  Time to let go of the hurt and anger.  Even in the downs of life at the time, there has been happiness found.  Once the pain is let go of, the play can begin again.
Sheesh, given that I’ve given some advice to a friend over the last week along the lines of “so long as you can sleep straight in your bed knowing you did what you thought was right at the time”  and a comment along the lines of “sometimes you have to stand in the truth and let others go their own way in their belief of lies” for another friend…the message for me today seems to be along the same lines.

*laughing*  Sometimes, in advising someone else, you find the lesson you need to learn yourself!