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I thought I’d try something new today and we’ll see what it becomes!  I’m a sucker for trying to read oracles, particularly the card or rune styled ones.  Note I said “trying to read” – I’ve found over time and experience that reading for other people comes easier (when that even works!) than reading for myself.  I dare say it’s something to do with being too close to the situation or suchlike, but it’s one of those blips in ability that can drive a person bonkers if they let it.  I don’t let it. However, I’m going to try something new, and categorise and title it “CardSpot”.  My overall plan (and don’t we all know how ‘all gae gangley’ plans can go?!) is to take some time on a Sunday to pull some cards for myself to provide an overview or theme for the week.  It might even jiggle the switch enough so that in the future doing a full-scale reading for myself that makes sense occurs!

So, without further faffling, here’s the inaugural CardSpot!

I’ve got a few sets to choose from, and today opted for Selena Fenech’s “Fairy” trio – Fairy Oracle cards, Fairy Guidance cards and Fairy Philosophies cards.  The artwork is lovely, and the cards themselves don’t come with those handy-dandy little explanation booklets that you get with 90% of the other card decks available.    It’s all about getting your reading/information from your intuition (inner voice, guides, whatever you want to call it) and clues might come from the artwork.   I drew one card from each of the sets, and then promptly reversed how I was reading them!  This came about as a result of a random reading I did for myself last week, where I was completely baffled as to the messages, until The Beloved re-arranged the cards and reminded me that fairies/fae see things from the other side.  I’m still working out if it’s the other side of the table or “The Otherside” (insert oogy-boogy music here!) or possibly even the other side of the room, but the reading made sense using that method, so for these cards, I’ll work with it!
The three cards today are as follows, in fairy order:  Inspiration, Important, and Independance.


When inspiration strikes, get lost within it, relish it, lose yourself to the joy of the creation.

Inspiration’s artwork is called “Story Keeper”, a personal favourite piece.  There’s a young woman, sitting on a huge chair/throne that has lion paws for arm-rests, a large book in her lap and she’s writing with a quill.  Her chin is resting on one hand.  She’s engrossed in what she’s writing and the candles providing her illumination are well on their way to being two-thirds burned down.


The reverse meaning at the top of the card is “Trivial”

This artwork is of a mermaid, sitting on top of the classical ‘treasure chest’ which is on a bed of shells and ocean wrack.  She looks very determined and sure of her role.  Her tail is raised, as if she’s ready to swim out and challenge anyone who comes too close. There is a key tied around her arm, possibly the key to the chest?  She’s wearing a belt of shells and other ocean-themed things.


Expect nothing, fear no-one, be strong, free, independent.  Overcome your weaknesses, don’t let anyone hold you back.

The artwork on this card is of a woman holding a sword.  The background seems to be the ocean, but that’s not completely clear.  She’s wearing a crown of gold and is facing the world head on and without concern.  It’s hard to work out if it’s her hair that’s forming a large crossed ribbon above her head (you know the ones that are used for Pink Ribbon Day, or AIDS awareness?) or if it’s actually part of her clothing doing so.
Okdoki, looks like the fairies have a lot of “I” words going on.  When I work out the significance of that, I’ll be a smarter person!  My first thoughts were along the lines of inspiration being a carefully guarded treasure that should be utilised fearlessly and without expectation.  Then I took it a few steps in another direction… Perhaps I’m locking away my inspiration?  Not allowing myself to get lost within it?  In doing so, am I creating a weakness or fear of something? Or am I simply running about with unreasonable expectations of my somewhat sluggish inspiration and wanting to stuff it in a box?!

Or maybe it’s just time to step up to the plate, open my box of inspiration and let it flow onto the page again.  I miss the writing I was doing online with friends.  I freely admit that when a writing partnership fell apart a couple of years ago I lost my inspiration and my motivation.  If I say so myself, I have some pretty good characters languishing in that there treasure chest under the rear of that mermaid!  Interestingly enough, the ones I love most are the independant thinkers and do-ers, who aren’t afraid of who/what they are.  However, I’ve not been doing any writing of late because I feel like the situations and the characters have become trivial (at least to me).  Ah, there’s the rub; I’m finding them trivial.  But perhaps if I step back and look at things in my everyday life, it’s in fact me that’s become trivial?  Too caught up in the trivia of having more time on my hands than I’ve ever had.  Too caught up in the trivia of laundry and dishwashing that are the metronome of my days…

I drew three cards, but I think I found the message in the reversed note on one.