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Ah, the full moon is here again.  One of the major constants in life – much like taxation and rising petrol costs really. This month’s full moon is in Capricorn, which is also my star-sign.  Teamed with the fact that the sun is moving through Cancer (Capricorn’s cyclic opposite as well as hubby’s star-sign) you can imagine the range of thoughts, emotions and rattling about that is going on for us both at the moment!  Nothing that we can’t handle, but it’s definitely a time of precise decisions and actions rather than simply sailing along on the ocean of life.  Yikes, oceanic imagery abounding when the symbols for our respective signs are a fishgoat and a crab as well!

This week has found me mellowing out, sleeping in most mornings beyond my usual 0600 wake up, not hurrying, not leaping before looking and simply enjoying the fact that Darrell’s been on holiday from work and he’s around to talk to during daylight hours rather than the usual “good morning, have a good day!” as he’s heading out to work. On the other side, Darrell’s been clearing out cupboards, making and dyeing a robe, transferring information from computer to the notebook in his ‘travelling witch kit’ and catching up on sleep too.  I think the sleep thing is because we’re both catching up after having spent nearly 3 weeks alternating between norovirus and streaming head colds though!

We’ve also been watching the local news with interest, learning about the huge degree of ocean-caused erosion only a few minutes down the road from us at Kingscliff.  Teamed with a king tide (a tide that is particularly high because it falls at the full moon) and recent heavy seas, several more metres of beachfront have fallen prey to the water.  Holiday-parks have been evacuated, buildings have been relocated and roads end abruptly by dropping down onto the beach. I wonder if the fact that the astrological points are all oceanic-themed and about clearing up and sorting out might be manifesting themselves in a dramatic manner?   Or is it maybe the ocean doing as oceans do?  A combination of both?  Perhaps the arrival of chilling winter rain in the last 12 hours is coincidence as well…