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At Samhain this year (April 30th-May1st), Darrell planted some spring bulbs in the garden here at Home-By-The-Sea.  Our hope was to have some seasonally appropriate blooms in time for both Oimelc (Candlemas) and Ostara (Spring Equinox).
Imagine our surprise a few days before Yule (June 22nd this year) when we wandered into the yard to find:


Yup, the first of the jonquils!  They were photographed, then carefully cut and delivered with a smile to our elderly landlady in the front unit, who had warned us that getting bulbs to flower in this area was nigh on impossible due to it not really getting cold enough for them.

Now, a couple of weeks later, we’ve got the next ones up in the garden, this time in this lovely golden yellow:

Ah, winter…by the sea…in Australia!