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Some days, I eat my dinner and relax…others, it makes me suffer…

The past fortnight has seen our home by the sea become more like a plague ship by the sea.  The beloved hubby succumbed to my loving nagging to see a doctor about his severe sinus infection, coming home with high-grade antibiotics and instructions to rest.   A few brief days later, he came home from work (rest, what’s that?!) with a mild gastro bug, one of the many coming down with it in the facility at the time.  A couple of days off work later, he returned, only to get clobbered by the dreaded gastro again, less than 24 hours after his return.   I’ve always said I couldn’t be a nurse, but as poor Darrell alternated between head-in-a-bucket and butt-on-the-toilet (and at times achieved the ultimate in male multitasking by doing both), I found I did OK at sluicing said bucket and toilet with a bleach solution post emptying.  I fetched and insisted on intake of water, brewed Gastrolyte solution, wiped icky mouths, and finally figured out I’d get a better indication of his temperature if my hand were warmer than chilled.

For 10 days, I remained positive and somewhat cocky, declaring merrily that I was immune… fool that I am, I then entered his workplace to pick up a sick leave form, and within 24 hours was able to agree with Darrell’s smiling negation of my immune status from my exalted position in the loo.   Apparently however, I did the facility a favour as they were in the throes of going into a quarantine lock-down and until my smiling appearance at their 1st floor reception they hadn’t realised that they’d forgotten to lock the front entrance!  :\   We’re now almost a week post gastro, and Darrell has now managed to collect a raging head cold.  At least this time his nose is running as fast as he can thanks to the unblocked sinuses due to the antibiotics from 2 weeks back!

It’s definitely time for a digression of thought…

With so much time on my hands in my life of late, I’ve taken to watching some nostalgic TV;  Xena-Warrior Princess, and Hercules-The Legendary Journeys.   Ah, the mountainscapes, the forests, the punga ferns, Michael Hurst’s witty one-liners, the chop-socky fighting, Kevin Sorbo with his shirt off…Ok, glazed expression mode de-activated!

In today’s Xena episode, I found myself chuckling about a scene in which Xena, acting as Gabrielle’s champion in defending the hounour of the Amazons, is required to fight to the death with Joxer.  The scene was set with the bass line from Queen’s We Will Rock You (pum pum tish, pum pum tish, pum pum tish) as Xena flung herself into the squared off ring, followed by Joxer (who was thrown in unwillingly).  She then began a declamation worthy of a WWF wrestler, promising pain and untold horrors; complete with requisite promise of being “crushed like a peanut” between her “thighs of doom”.   Joxer got the gist of how she was going to actually save his life by this time and responded in like fashion, guaranteeing that there wouldn’t be a third round when he was done with her in the second.  What followed was truly worthy of being called a wrestling match in the WWF style.  Chests were beaten (The Magilla Gorilla?), the bouncy ropes were used as catapults (The Boingy Boingy?) and oh, the faces pulled!  (The Ugly Mugging?)  Yup, a scene worthy of the warning of “stylised violence” that came prior to the screening.  But where was the “don’t try this at home”?  Or have those of us who remember THAT warning all grown up and realised that it’s only “stylised” now?    Who can say, for me it’s a good time filler in the late afternoons.

But seriously, when did it become “Stylised violence” rather than “don’t try this at home”?   Have we indeed become so immune to any kind of violence on TV?   This sets me in mind of a recent  Amazing Race-Australia episode, the advertising shorts for put me off watching.  The male of the team was verbally (and loudly) abusing and haranguing his wife, on camera, for all the country to see.  The ads had me wondering how on Goddess’ earth the show’s producers could in conscience allow the team to continue the challenge and the whole contest when it seemed one of them had serious issues.   I saw a news post the day following the episode, where the pair apparently explained the situation, but I didn’t watch it because if it was a set up for the sake of creating drama, I didn’t care to know.  Which makes me guilty of being immune to possible emotional violence I suppose…ah, immunity…