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LAUSD librarians: The disgraceful interrogation of L.A. school librarians – latimes.com.

It’s a sad indictment on society that they now have a situation in LA where a school district is pretty much putting school librarians ‘on trial’ for their jobs.  These are highly qualified people, helping and teaching in their own right and yet they are required to prove their qualifications and that their teaching has relevance or even officially exists in the curriculum.  It’s a bloody outrage and all under the guise of “cost cutting”.

When it becomes a matter of cutting costs, I wonder if the mainly male-dominated role of sports coaching will ever be put ‘on trial’ as these (mainly female) librarians are?  Personally, I doubt it very much.  Men and sports rule the world after all. *snorts*

Next thing we know, they’ll be storming the libraries, burning the books (sound like WWII to you too?) or even raping and murdering librarians as they bravely defend their domains (Hypatia of Alexandria comes to mind here).

Cost cutting my big caboose.  It’s about keeping young people ignorant and sub-educated in order to control them.  News for the cost cutters – for every librarian you challenge, there’s family, friends and students that they’ve helped lining up to remind you of the value of the person who knows exactly where that law text book can be found!