75 Animals Seized In Fannin County – KDAF.


This is one of those terrible situations that the media adores to play up – particularly the fact that the people charged with animal cruelty are calling themselves wiccan/pagan/alternative lifestylers.  The main perpetrator even adds that he’s Native American to the list, as if that makes what has been done any better!  
Well, I’m sorry, but none of those apparently self-given titles are a reason or excuse for having animals suffering.  Perhaps the idea of an animal shelter came from a good place in their hearts once, but I have my doubts.  Besides, if you choose to take on the role of animal sanctuary, you make bloody sure you are willing and able to take care of them, even if that means you can’t save all of them.

In my opinion, this person and his 3 co-charged aren’t quite living in reality.  Or at least not one that the rest of us are in.