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Some days I blog on Facebook, others, I decide to blog from here…

For those of you reading this blog for the first time, I’ll save you the chase through looking for the other 34 Random Musings – they’re on my Facebook page under ‘notes’ if you’re interested!

I’m currently being serenaded by the constant clicking of a laptop mouse, I’m assuming Darrell’s either colouring one of his illuminated letters or he’s slaughtering goblins.  Yes, two completely different things, same basic movement.  It sounds like Woody Woodpecker got hold of some speed and found a really good tree!   Team that with re-runs of Two and a Half Men on the TV and you have the recipe for some interesting mental paths that my mind can go down.  Charlie Sheen and a spaced out peckerhead…yeah, I’m trying not to go there either  :\ .

Winter seems to have finally arrived here at our Home by the Sea, I changed the sheets yesterday and added a duvet to the two blankets because if I’m frank, even my uber-insulated backside was getting cold at night and no amount of snuggling into my live-in radiator (read as ‘heat generating hubby’) was solving the problem.  So, I pulled out one of the space bags of duvets, aired one and sucked the heck out of those still in the bag.  I’m going to re-read that, I suspect that’s a doubtful line…  However, I digress.  Bed made for maximum cosiness and all’s well!   Now if I can just figure out a way to stop Darrell from making himself look like a shrouded corpse in his sleep before I wake up and all will be fine.   I can safely say there’s few more unnerving things than waking up next to a person who’s pulled the sheet up over their head, tucked it in around their head and folded their hands neatly on their chest.  I think it’s the lack of movement that weirds me out, but I’ll either get used to it or I’ll have him collected by the undertaker for a laugh!  Knowing my luck though, it will be the undertaker he used to work for…