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Day 30: A letter to yourself.

I’ve decided to write this to myself as an early teenager.  Don’t ask me why I’ve opted for that, but hey!

Dear Lotte

Well girl, what a life you’ve got ahead of you.  You’ll face a few things you really didn’t want to or thought you ever would have to, but you do come out of it a stronger person.  I can’t say if you’re a better person, because to be honest, the idea of better is so often judged by others.  There’s a number of others between you there at 13 and you here at 40 that won’t say you’re better, but you are stronger. 

You’ve made a lasting and definite decision on what you believe.  It’s going to seem so left field to you at first, but it’s going to be something that provides you with support and a place to find solace for the rest of your life.  It’s also going to be an indirect way that you meet your future husband.  Yes, you do actually find someone who’s happy and willing to marry you.  And for love of Goddess, stop saying that the only man who’ll have you has to be half-blind and a more than a little crazy!

Speaking of your husband, be prepared to pack up everything and move to be with him.  And be prepared to develop a liking for domestic stuff.  Invest or ask for a copy of the Edmonds Cookbook, and maybe start stocking up on hobby supplies, OK?

Be prepared for more family drama than you ever imagined, from people who espouse that family is the most important thing in the world.  You can’t choose family, but you can choose not to associate with them.  Feel free to say that aloud to them too.
Oh, and you’ll look beautiful on your wedding day, in the very first dress that you and Mum found at the bridal shop – stop laughing, you two actually do manage to get along quite well 75% of the time now!

Take that chance at singing lessons when the thought crosses your mind.  You’ll enjoy it.  But, you have to practice.  Seriously.  You might have a chance to make something of yourself with it.  But you have to practice.  Keep your liking for a range of music genres, it will be a fun thing in the future when you can choose an album that suits your mood and play it.

Work hard.  Don’t be surprised if that makes it difficult to work though.  When you study, do it well enough that you can get maximum result in the minimum amount of time.  3 diplomas is not a lot of hard work to achieve.  In fact, you pretty much cruise it and still do well.  You might want to apply yourself a little more to Economics and Accounting where you’re at now though.

Never loose that dream of being a writer one day.  It’ll be a fun hobby for a long time!  Oh and if you get a mad idea of a gargoyle in a Hawaiian shirt stolen from the set of ‘Magnum PI’  for a character, run with it.  He has a lot of fun in him and you need that.

As for everything else…take advice from Mr Paul McCartney;  “Let it Be”.

Love yourself!

Charlotte 🙂