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Official permission to do nothing.

Day 29: Something you hope to change about yourself.

I hope to change my employment status.  It would certainly make life easier for hubby and myself if there were a few extra dollars coming into the bank each fortnight!  But after more than two years of trying and repeatedly failing, I’m feeling disheartened by the whole process.  To make matters worse, I’m not entitled to any form of government support –  either financial or work placement/help finding work.  Here in Australia, the two are linked.  No government financial support, no help finding work.  You’d think help finding work would be the given, because it gets people off needing government financial support, but no.  *SIGH*
Added to this, I can’t actually apply for any of the relevant visas etc that might get me some of that help until I’ve been in the country another 2 years.  Doesn’t matter I’m married to an Aussie, I am, as a Kiwi, a 2nd class citizen here.

I can understand the reluctance of the respective nation’s governments to simply hand over cash to whomever would like to have a holiday in Australia/New Zealand for a few years, but I’d think it was pretty clear that I’m here to stay and that I want to be a contributing member of society?  At the moment, we’re living where we are because we followed hubby’s career, but should something change in that respect, we’re going to have to try a major centre, simply because we’d both like work.  And living in a major centre…well, let’s say we both need work to afford to live there.

Irony of it all?  We’d get government financial support if we had/have children.  But that’s not a good enough reason to bring a child into the world.