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"Winged Things" (c) Selena FenechWelcome to the home-stretch!  Day 23: Something you wish you had done in your life.


There’s a few things I wish I’d done.  But on hindsight and thought, I have decided (or should that read “convinced myself”?!) that I probably didn’t need to do them to live a full and fruitful life.   Take a look at the list, and the reasons I have.  Some of them are funny, others are more valid…

  • Bungy jumping – I have a 44JJ cleavage.  I’d either blacken both my eyes and break my nose or I’d wind up in a coma from the concussive force of ‘the girls’ hitting me in the face as I bounced.  Reason 2, they don’t allow people over a certain weight to jump.  Reason 3, I’m scared of heights.
  • Cliff diving – see the reason for bungy jumping!
  • Parachuting/Skydiving – as above!
  • Giving certain people a swift slap or a kick in the arse instead of stepping back and distancing myself from their behaviour – tempting as hell on several and many occasions, but there’s laws against assault.  Not to mention that in some cases I don’t think I could stop at a simple slap or a kick in the arse and then it becomes jail time for murder.
  • Worked harder at my music lessons, both piano and singing – it meant taking time from my reading or my writing.  I could have had a job as a music teacher now rather than this endless round of apply, no reply, no job that I’ve been living for the last 2and a half years though.
  • Ignored the days where I craved and ate only junk food – All things in moderation, right?!  Half the pizza and bottle of Coke was moderating.  Meant I could have the rest for breakfast the next day.
  • Worked harder at working out – no point killing myself on this walk to the mailbox!  Do another trip later!  *snorts* Uh-huh.  Right.
  • Not caved in to in-law pressure regarding our wedding – gotta impress them with my willingness to commit to something we can’t afford.  Gotta make a good impression generally.  They’ll like me!  (Boy was I wrong on that one!)

So there they are.  Things I wish I’d done.  And the reasons why I didn’t.   For the record; yes, a few of those things I still regret not doing.  But who’s to say I can’t still do them?  I’m only 40 after all.  Well, excepting the bungy jumping, cliff diving and parachuting…